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Master Facilitator Journal | March 6, 2018

Dear Friends,

We humans have a tendency to create systems intended at one time to serve us, then forget we created them and take them to be reality.
This is of course easy to do with many systems that were created long before we arrived, like our system of language for instance. But that is a subject for another time.

Today's article, Misbegotten Systems, is a reminder to become conscious of the system gods we serve. Some are constructive, some are not. We energize each one when give it our attention, loyalty, even silent support.

The Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration helps leaders become more conscious of what they are creating by their attitudes and behaviors in their lives and work. Come join us as we still have space left in our April & June classes!

We hope our work continues to bring inspiration to your world. Thank you for being a part of our growing community. Please continue to send the wonderful feedback.


Steve Davis

Founder, FacilitatorU.com

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The Point

Misbegotten Systems

Be conscious of the systems you serve.

Group Management Skill

Up until a few hundred years ago, humans followed the natural cycles of day, night, and the season to regulate their behaviors in accordance with nature. Then monks invented the clock to help them schedule their prayer intervals. Today we’re slaves to this clock system of “time” as if it were a fixed reality over which we have no control.

The current “sick-care” system originated on the battlefields of WW I and II. First morphine then other drugs were developed to “treat” pain to quickly get soldiers back into the carnage. We then perpetuated this system developing a very profitable universe of drugs we call medications, that mask symptoms, bearing little semblance to “functional” medicines intended to heal source issues. “Health care” providers are now obligated to dispense these poisons as the sanctioned best practice in physical and mental healthcare, when in fact, this approach bears little relationship at all to healing. With the healthcare sector now the most profitable of all economic sources in the U.S., the downward momentum is formidable.

Organizations create systems, policies, and procedures that at one time may have served a useful purpose that today, may be counterproductive or at odds with currently espoused values. All too often we call this “reality,” when in fact we need to either change or withdraw our support from these systems.

Where in your organizational life or your business are you serving broken systems, ideas, or values as if they were handed down from the heavens? What could you do instead that would breathe new life into these networks?

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