Facilitator Teleclasses

Random Acts of Facilitation--Self-Guided Real Audio Version
If you'd like to learn this material at your own pace and on your own schedule, you can purchase the real audio version of this teleclass complete with the learning guide. Click here for details. CD versions include access to the real-audio recordings and electronic learning guide (pdf) immediately after purchase.

Becoming a Learning Facilitator
--Self-Guided Audio Versions

If you'd like to learn this material at your own pace and on your own schedule, you can purchase the real audio or CD versions of this teleclass complete with the learning guide. Click here for details. CD versions include access to the real-audio recordings and electronic learning guide (pdf) immediately after purchase.

Appreciative Inquiry--Self-Guided Audio Versions
If you'd like to learn this material at your own pace and on your own schedule, you can purchase the real audio version of this teleclass complete with the learning guide. Click here for details. CD versions include access to the real-audio recordings and electronic learning guide (pdf) immediately after purchase.

Facilitator Tools

Facilitator Tool Store. Check out our wide selection of facilitator tools including meeting boards, flipcharts, white boards, graphic wall, shape and color-coded cards, precision markers, all-in-one cases, and assorted assessories.

Facilitator Guidebooks

Getting Full Participation. This Facilitator Guide explores Getting Full Participation more completely than any other document we've seen.

- No fluff! This guide is practical, easy to read, with ideas and actions you can use right away.
- Includes an audio portion that answers real world problems in getting Full Participation from group members.
- Includes a full training license so that you can teach this material to others.
- Includes tools and perspectives that will help your group members understand what it means to participate fully.
- Illustrated 20-page guide will help you to drill down deep and master the art of facilitating Full Participation in any situation.
- This information-packed guide is a must to include in your personal Facilitator's Toolkit.

Intervene With Confidence. According to our readers, and in our own experience, Group "Intervention" is one of the most challenging skills to develop as a facilitator. So, we are especially pleased to announce the release of our second Facilitator Guides for Group Intervention.

- "Intervene With Confidence" is practical, easy to read, with models, tips, and strategies you can use right away.
- Includes an audio portion that answers real world problems around Intervention.
- Includes models that will help you decide when and when not to Intervene, how deep to Intervene, and how to Intervene gracefully.
- Illustrated 33-page guide will help you to drill down deep and master the art of Intervention in any situation.
- This information-packed guide is a must to include in your personal Facilitator's Toolkit.

Becoming a Learning Facilitator. 55-page ebook packed with useful models, strategies, and approaches to enlivening your approach to teaching and training based on an Integral Learning Model.
- Learning Content. Explores the context and scope of learning content.
- The Learning Facilitator. Explores role distinctions, making the shift from director to guide, core values of the learning facilitator, getting full participation, and a trainer self-assessment.
- Learning Models. Examines 8 different learning models to help round out the delivery of learning based on perspectives and learning styles.
- Learning Culture. Explores the elements required to develop a “Learning Culture.”
- Learning Strategies. Examines 4 different learning strategies: the Kolb Learning Cycle, Instruction Events, Socratic Method, and Open Space Technology.


Centering and the Art of Facilitation (Coming soon)


The Portable Article Bank. For Facilitators, Trainers, Teachers, Coaches, Leaders, and Consultants. This ebook contains the top 50 issues of the Master Facilitator Journal. Engaging content you're used to receiving in the Journal, polished and formatted into the form of publishable articles. Articles contain resources such as a useful book or website that pertains to the content, examples, and action steps to take to improve your facilitation skills.

- Use articles as handouts to educate and empower teammates with tools to improve communication, team cooperation, meeting, and problem solving skills.
- Useful content for facilitation and leadership training.
- Use as content and backup for public speaking, workshops, and seminars.
- Use as reference resource for your own facilitation skill development.
- Use as engaging content for your website.
- Licensing option provides you a new revenue source.

Master Worker Ebooklet. No matter what field you're in or select in the future, there are foundational skills, also known as "core competencies," that, once in place, position you to learn about and to excel in anything you choose. This ebook offers tips on the following 16 "core" competencies that best position you for success in the workplace:
- Customer Service And Public Relations
- Basic Business Principles
- Workplace Standards/Requirements
- Problem-Solving/Decision-Making
- Responsibility
- Project And Time Management
- Teamwork
- Motivation
- Integrity
- Respect For Others
- Listening
- Writing
- Public Speaking
- Conflict Resolution
- Self Esteem
- Stress Management

The Authentic Marketer ebook. A marketing approach for personal growth business owners based on the following five empowering frameworks whose primary focus is on the inner workings of you, the marketer :

- Poise: Relating From Your Authentic Self. "As Within So Without," as you work with your Inner Self, your outer world changes profoundly.

- Path: Following Your Natural Attractions. You'll recognize your path by the feeling you get when you're on it and when you're not.

- Purposeful Creation: Making Stuff Up. When we combine the action of making stuff up with the intention to be authentic, we give birth to the best of what we have to offer.

- Perseverance: Mastering The Energy of Money. The relationship between marketing and making money is crucial to your persevering on the Authentic Marketing Path.

- Practice: Operating Within Authentic Marketing Frameworks. This involves integrating and practicing the Authentic Marketing Frameworks as a new personal operating system.

MFJ Article Collection

Master Facilitator Journal Archives

Over 170+ past issues of the Master Facilitator Journal. A new issue is added weekly to this Searchable database. Only $29 per year or about 50 cents per issue.
Click here to view samples and more info...

"Consulting Today" Article Collections

Free Sample Collection!

  • Seniors of Organizational Development

   Try this selection for free. Just click on the picture to the right to download. This collection offers brief articles by (and in one case, about) senior consultingants who have been gurus for consultants in the field of OD. Billie Alban, Dick and Emily Axelrod, Geoff Bellman, Peter Block, Barbara Bunker, Kathie Dannemille, and Bob Tannenbaum all discuss issues important to their consulting.

Coaching Tools

  • The Foundations of Coaching

The coaching profession has its foundations in sports coaching, counseling, behavioral sciences, consulting, and more. These five authors explore the beginnings and rise of this discipline. Anyone who coaches should read these articles, and may want to share some of them with clients as well.
More detail / order...

  • Coaching Tools

In this issue, you’ll find six articles that provide a wealth of tools you will use again and again in your coaching. The authors are seasoned and successful coaches who share the learnings of years of experience. What gets in the way of developing new habits? What are some specific skills the best coaches use well? What are the steps in coaching emotional intelligence? They’re all here. More detail / order...


  • Leading Organizational Change

In this collection, six authors provide important strategies for leading change in any organization. Share these four articles with partners in change management to help develop a consistent philosophy and style. Share them with clients to help clients understand their part in the change process. More detail / order...

  • Managing in a New World

In this collection, six authors offer perspectives on management issues in an information economy populated by a new breed of worker. Share these insights with any leader who is working to improve the way they, and their organization, manage the people of the new millennium.
More detail / order...

  • New Leaders — The First 100 Days

This issue offers five important articles for the new leader, focusing on the priorities and skills needed in the first few months of tenure in a new position. Share it with leaders at all levels as they begin a new challenge. More detail / order...

Non-Profit Consulting

  • Consulting With Non-profits

If you are consulting for non-profits, or considering it, this issue has important lessons from people who’ve been doing it for years. There’s information on how non-profits operate, their values, processes and priorities, what clients want, and how some non-profits deal with problems. There’s also guidance on how and why to use an interim executive director, and some advice for new and potential board members. More detail / order...

  • Strategic Consulting With Non-profits

This issue provides a variety of perspectives on doing strategic work with nonprofit organizations. There’s an article on how to run a strategic planning retreat. Or as an alternative to developing ‘the plan,’ we offer an article on how to teach the board to think strategically. There’s an article on what non-profit clients look for in a consultant, and one on how to address that gap between board ideas and staff action. Plus ideas from an international panel of consultants on working with non-profits using Future Search. More detail / order...

Project Management

  • Project Management

This issue focuses on resources for project managers — helping them plan for success in all their projects. Two of the articles focus on planning skills for managers of technical projects. The other three are applicable to all kinds of projects, including organizational change efforts. You’ll find these compact two-page articles will be powerful aids in training as well. More detail / order...

Consulting Tools

  • Organizational Diagnosis Models and Methods

This issue offers five articles that describe models and methods used by organizational and management consultants who want to understand client organizations. From hints to make needs analysis interviews and feedback meetings more effective, to overviews of systems models, these methods help consultants effectively identify the important dynamics and priority issues.
More detail / order...


  • Strategic Marketing For Professionals

Here are five articles that overview marketing for professionals who provides intangible services. These articles offer ideas that help you design the strategy for your business. Use them to lay a foundation for your marketing effort, to provide an infusion of ideas and energy, or to get a few new hints that will provide a big payoff. More detail / order...

  • Marketing on a Budget

This issue offers ideas and tools for effective marketing that won’t drain the budget. The authors offer clever and creative twists on traditional strategies like networking, press releases, and mailing. And you’ll find a packet of great new ideas as well. These are ideas you can use at any stage in building your business, and energy generators for your marketing anytime.
More detail / order...

Whole System Change

  • Principles of Whole-System Change

Whole-system change involves getting the entire system — a 20 person department, a 2500-person division, or representatives of an entire community — into one room for long enough to have a shared understanding of history, priorities and actions needed. It is changing the way organizational change is done. These articles explain the underlying principles of these methods. More detail / order...

Organizational Change

  • Tools for Organization Change

This collection offers seven articles providing a variety of tools used by consultants involved in organizational change. These tools include models like Weisbord’s Six Boxes and Bridges Transition Model, a process-change model, a communication plan for change projects, and some ideas for ways to mark important transitions. More detail / order...


  • Working With Teams

In this issue we bring you six articles on all aspects of teams, from the processes teams use to solve problems, to ground rules for task teams, to the critical success factors for virtual teams.
More detail / order...

Expert Interview Library

This section contains a collection of one-hour pre-recorded teleclasses on a variety of facilitation and related topics available in either Real Audio or Compact Disk formats. Each probram comes complete with written notes and other bonuses. Click on title to view details for each program below.

Using Your Inner Wisdom as Facilitator. Featuring Penney Peirce, Author of the "Intuitive Way," and professional "expert intuitive." Featuring acclaimed author Penney Peirce, author, speaker, and professional intuitive.

How to Design Winning Workshops and Seminars. "10 Questions Every Facilitator Should Answer Before Designing Their Next Workshop." Featuring Marg Wall, M.Ed., Adult Educator, Learning Specialist.

Present, But Not Accounted For. Specific Strategies to Build Curiosity, Commitment and Collaboration. Featuring Susan Wilson, Facilitator, Speaker, Author and Founder of Executive Strategies, Inc.

The 5 P's of Guided Imagery. Learn this multifaceted and powerful tool that you can use not only with your clients, but with yourself. Featuring Ellen Britt, Ed.D., speaker, trainer, and co-founder of Primal Waters.

The Art of Improv in Facilitation. Learn to use humor and improvisational theater techniques as facilitation tools. Featuring Izzy Gesell, speaker, author, trainer and expert in Improv Theater Techniques.

Igniting Self-Expression Through Open Space Technology. Learn this process to capture knowledge, experience, and innovation in your organization. Featuring Judi Richardson, Facilitator, Speaker, Author and Trainer.

Dynamic Facilitation. Reaching Consensus on Impossible Problems--Tools for a New Cooperacy. Featuring Jim Rough, Consultant, Speaker, Seminar Leader and Author.

Think Like a Global Leader. Understand how political, cultural, and sustainability issues affect teams, organizations, and their leaders.Featuring Hannah Wilder, PhD., Cross Cultural Executive Coach, Author, President of Advantara Executive Development Worldwide, Inc. and Global Executive Coach Training Institute.

Accessing the Field. Shedding light on consciousness as cause. Featuring Philip Golabuk, Author, Trainer and founder of the Field Center and creator of the Field Center Training.

Facilitating Collective Intelligence. How to facilitate and harness the larger capacities of groups. Featuring Tom Atlee, author, democracy innovator, and founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute.

Humor, an Essential Ingredient for All Good Facilitators. Featuring Ann Fry, Author, Speaker, Trainer and Founder of HumorU.com.


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