Master Facilitator Core Competencies

The Master Facilitator Journal presents a collection of facilitation tools, tips, and practices based on a set of competencies covering six skill areas. Each week the journal explores a tool or tip from one of these six perspectives. 

These are the six skills areas we have identified as core competencies for facilitators:

  1. Self-Mastery Skills: How you facilitate yourself.
    Master Facilitator's facilitate their own inner process so that they can be present with those they're facilitating. They maintain a learning orientation to life, remaining open to new ideas and input. They are committed to their own self-care to maintain the high energy and awareness required of a facilitative leader, and as a model for others.

  2. Presence And Presenting Skills: How you show up.
    Master Facilitators present themselves confidently, professionally, and authentically. They have a strong presence that gently but firmly commands the attention of others. They are adept at using presentation tools and media and maintain a clear focus on objectives and schedule.

  3. Relating Skills: How you facilitate others.
    Master Facilitators are expert communicators. They listen deeply, hearing and feeling all that is said and not said, and they respond compassionately for the highest good of all concerned.

  4. Group Awareness, Management, and Exploration (GAME) Skills: How you facilitate a team.
    Master Facilitators create and maintain a safe environment to make it easy for the group to achieve its purpose and to facilitate the emergence and use of group synergy. They understand group process, are sensitive to the energy of the group, and are comfortable coaching participants as necessary to create expanded awareness and positive shifts in their performance. Master facilitators are great leaders AND great followers.

  5. Intervention Skills: How you shift a group.
    Master Facilitators know how and when to intervene into group process. They are comfortable using a number of tools to keep the process healthy and moving forward.

  6. Logistic Skills: How you facilitate your environment.
    Master Facilitators plan and prepare their presentations to best meet the unique needs and purposes of their audience. They assemble and manage the resources necessary to effectively conduct their meetings and perform follow-up activities as necessary to keep their group on track. Master Facilitators weave the thread of continuity between one meeting and the next.


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