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Help Your Students and Clients Overcome Fear and Self-Saboatage.


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The Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0070| September 10, 2002
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picture of Steve Davis, editor of the Master Facilitator Journal.

From the Publisher: 
Hello MFJ Readers. This issue is about charisma and its use in facilitation and training. The following article was written and graciously submitted by Mr. "Charisma" himself, Paul Cutright. Thanks Paul for your contribution. We also feature a resource from Paul called, "The Emotional Freedom Training," which you can use on yourself or your clients. Finally, this is your last chance to sign up for the "Advanced Facilitation & Consulting Skills Practicum" by Linda Lehtonan and Katherine Mass, scheduled for Oct 7-11 near Vancouver.

If you or your colleagues are interested in submitting an article for consideration, please email your ideas. I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!
Steve Davis


Cultivating Charisma.

The Point

Thanks Paul Cutright for contributing the following article.

I was at an event in San Diego recently at which there were various performers from different cultures around the world. There were singers and musicians, poets and dancers. Some of it was interesting and some of it was boring. As the evening wore on, I found myself looking at my watch and waiting for an appropriate time to slip out between performers.

Just as I was eyeing the exit and getting ready to make my move, the next performer was announced - a tall, 21 year old black woman, a poet who has opened for Maya Angelou on occasion. Something about her presence as she ascended the stage persuaded me to stay. Then, she opened her mouth to speak, reciting one of her original poems from memory, and I was transfixed. 

My boredom vanished into the brilliance of her charisma and I was alert and attentive, smiling and delighted. Her very posture and voice carried her passion and conviction. All of us in the audience had our attention riveted on her.

According to Webster's, the word charisma means a special magnetic charm or appeal and is from the Greek, meaning favor or gift. Clearly, this young lady had it! 

What makes up charisma? Charisma is a potent combination of inspiration and enthusiasm. To inspire means to exert an animating, enlivening, or exalting influence on others, and enthusiasm is a strong excitement of feeling. 

Can charisma be cultivated, or is it something you are born with? When enthusiasm and inspiration are combined, I believe it is easy and natural to cultivate charisma, which is the expression of your own particular gift in a compelling, magnetic way. And this makes for truly high performance expression of your gifts.


So yes, charisma can be cultivated, and here's why it's important to do. When working with groups it is always desirable to be enthusiastic about what you're teaching, because your enthusiasm is contagious. When you are enthusiastic, you orient yourself energetically and psychologically to receive inspiration in your work with others. Participants in your events will learn and grow more easily if they feel your inspiration and are touched by your enthusiasm.

You can intentionally cultivate your own unique charisma by paying attention to the following:

1. Love what you are doing. Since love is the most powerful force in the Universe, your love of teaching, training and helping people learn will create a powerful atmosphere for everyone. You can consciously intend the presence of love in whatever you are doing.
2. Be courageous. Find your own "green, growing edge" and play there, and let it be known that's what you're doing when appropriate. This will inspire people.
3. Be real. Much has already been written about this quality in previous editions, but it bears repeating, because it is just possibly the most inspirational thing you will ever do in front of the room. It just means being authentic -- not pretending to be more than you are or having knowledge you don't have, nor false modesty, nor  pretending to less than you are, either. Perhaps you've heard this, "Who you are speaks so loudly that I can't hear what you are saying." It's about all of your aspects being congruent so that you are mentally, emotionally and psychologically aligned with what you are doing in front of the room.

Facilitating other's growth and learning is a responsibility and an opportunity. It is the responsibility involved in touching other's lives in a deep and meaningful way. And it is an opportunity to move beyond the fears, doubts and uncertainties that stand in the way of being a genuinely enthusiastic, inspiring and charismatic facilitator. 

Perhaps you've heard of the book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. In many situations, that is good advice. I've certainly done it more times than I can count! But, now there are breakthrough techniques that allow anyone to clear the fears and anxieties that prevent high performance functioning and charismatic self-expression. Tools and techniques found in the field of Energy Psychology and Meridian Therapies allow people to permanently clear limiting states of mind and feeling, literally in minutes.

With these tools, it is now possible to clear the fear and let your light shine!

Paul loves facilitating groups. He has been designing, producing and leading workshops both large and small since 1976. He has also trained hundreds of facilitators, which is one of his favorite things to do. He is also the creator of the Emotional Freedom Training Online Audio Program for Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Paul is co-founder with his wife and partner, Layne, of The Center for Enlightened Partnership. 


What could you do this week to more fully own and practice your natural charisma? How would more charisma impact your life and your work? Please email me your comments.

Help Your Students and Clients Overcome Fear and Self-Saboatage. Learn a Powerful Tool for Change in the Emotional Freedom Training Online Audio Program 

Do you have students or clients who are stopped by their fear of change, self-expression, public speaking, failure, success  - you name it? If so, then you’ll want to know about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and what it can do for your practice - and your own success, as well!

Paul has taught hundreds of coaches and trainers how to use EFT to accelerate their clients' progress, quickly and painlessly. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back - and you keep all the training materials!

I am impressed that this work has demonstrated that such a simple process can be profoundly effective to clear deeply felt dark 
emotions. The technique was easy to learn and the results were immediate.
Michael Singer - Attorney/Coach

I highly recommend this training to anyone who works with people. Paul is a gifted teacher who makes this easy to learn. I am having 
great success with my clients, who are amazed!
Judy Foster - HHP, Coach, Founder Shared Vision Network

Click here to for more info.

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About the Author
Steve Davis is a Facilitator's Coach helping leaders enhance their effectiveness through the application and perspective of facilitation. Please email or call me at 805-489-4130 to schedule a Free exploratory session, or to share your suggestions and ideas for the journal. I'd love to hear from you. If you find this newsletter helpful, please forward it to your friends. Thanks for reading!

In the Spotlight


Advanced Facilitation & Consulting Skills Practicum
Using Self As Instrument
With Linda Lehtonen 

Only a few seats left. Please contact now if you're interested in registering!

October 7-11, 2002, Bowen Island, 
near Vancouver, Canada 

Who Should Attend
· Leaders, facilitators and professionals who want to deepen their leadership, facilitation, teambuilding, consulting skills or human relations skills
· Anyone seeking a quantum growth in self awareness and awareness of self in relation to others.

Workshop Objectives
1. Increase your understanding of individual, team and organizational functioning by understanding systems theory
2. Understand more about your own team behavior
3. Learn how to facilitate teams to high performance
4. Learn to assess problems and help teams to resolve interpersonal conflicts
5. Develop strategies and design interventions for team building
6. Learn to use self as the instrument of change
7. Utilize a framework of interventions consistent with your own style and organizational culture
8. Understand how you get in your own way in facilitating groups

Principles Which Guide This Program
Trust your hunches - learn to use your feelings as a group barometer
Trust the process - learn to detach from outcome and let go of your need to control
Be authentic in your role - learn how to develop your character and forget about your reputation
Meet people where they are - learn to be in a place of compassion, integrity and love instead of fear.
Be present and grounded- learn to be fully in the moment and mindful of all that is going on 

These principles guide the facilitation process. Each principle is explored fully in the 5-day workshop. Participants will be both members of consulting teams and facilitators/consultants to another team. This will enable you to experience working your own team issues. Your team will contract work with another team, diagnose their needs, design and implement an intervention. The workshop is primarily experiential with theoretical inputs. This is an intense residential program which involves some evening work.

What People Say
"…better presentations [according to my reviewers] by staying in the moment that Linda demonstrates so very well ......also did a special presentation about the 'heart connection' these are the two constants and most enduring facets I have taken from the seminar. They serve me more every day in the way I present myself... I can just be and lessen my judgment and opinion mindset..." -John Sweetnam, President, CDS Group of Companies 

"My experience attending Linda's Advanced Facilitation Skills course vastly exceeded my expectations. What I learned about my own effect on group interaction and about my personal reaction to some group dynamics has continually improved my skill and confidence as a facilitator. I've recommended this course to many of my colleagues and all have returned from the experience with a sense of renewal and excitement."-- Linda Padfield, Director of Organizational Development, Inco 

"Within 1 hour of beginning our 5-day retreat, Linda created an environment that invited direct talk about deeply felt issues. Her own willingness to be transparent to others invites like disclosure. Her compassion, skillful discernment, and sense of humor, provide loving challenge and new insights for everyone in the room! -- Karen Shuttleworth, Educator/Facilitator, St. Joseph's Health Centre 

About Linda Lehtonen
Linda is a master facilitator who has worked all over the globe. She is able to facilitate groups from a place of extreme conflict, confusion and chaos, and "stuckness" to a place of productivity, harmony and community. She has developed her ability to intuitively tune in to individuals and groups and cut to the heart of what might be blocking people from moving forward and living more calmly and healthfully. She works with people from a place of authenticity, profound respect and compassion. 

Linda believes in giving people practical tools to help them live more fully and serve others in their organizations. Three major guiding principles she works from are to trust her hunches, to trust the process, and to be authentic. Her work has had a profound impact on thousands of people in helping them transform themselves, 
the workplace and their lives.

About Katherine Maas  
Katherine Maas will be joining Linda for the Bowen Island program. She is a personal coach and learning consultant with over 20 years experience developing leaders and facilitators. Throughout her varied career, her focus has always been on improving human and organizational effectiveness by improving human systems, communication, and relationships. She facilitates from a passionate belief that personal and interpersonal mastery are essential prerequisites for successful and balanced groups and organizations. 

A continuous learner, Katherine holds an MA and has completed extensive human relations training. She reads voraciously and excels at cross-disciplinary thinking. 

Location, Costs, and Registration

Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada (near Vancouver)
Dates: October 6-11, 2002

Where: Bowen Lodge by the Sea, Bowen Island, BC. A peaceful, natural setting only 20 minutes by ferry from Vancouver. A car is not required on Bowen Island, though you may choose to bring one. You can take a bus or cab to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal to catch the Bowen Island Ferry. Ferry service is approximately hourly from about 6 am until about 9:30 pm. For exact schedule information, see or phone BC Ferries at (250) 386-3431.

Cost: CDN$ 3084.20 single occupancy (all taxes included) 
CDN$ 2896.70 double occupancy (all taxes included)
A good deal for US residents: Canadian dollar is worth approximately $0.65 US. Price includes 5 nights accommodation and all meals, beginning with dinner at 6 pm October 6 through lunch October 11. The program finishes at noon on October 11. 

Information and Registration: Contact Katherine Maas at 604-985-2245, or email

Only a few seats left. Please contact Katherine now if you're interested in registering!



Thank you for reading this issue of the Master Facilitator Journal.  Look for your next issue on September 17, 2002.   

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