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The Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0057| June 11, 2002
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Reviewing Fundamentals
 Remember and practice the basic elements of facilitation.

The Point

I came across a nice little list of affirmations that cover facilitation fundamentals that I thought would be great for us to review from time to time. They came from "The Facilitator's Fieldbook," by Justice and Jamieson and are reproduced below.


I listen intensely. I am a model for listening, often paraphrasing and "mirroring" what was said.

I maintain good eye contact
and stay connected to the group and each of its members.

I trust in the resources of the group. 
I keep focused on the process of getting things done; I remain detached from what the group decides to do.

I always use people's first names.

I stay awake, present
at each moment.

I organize, connect, and summarize data
to achieve closure and a sense of completion.

I protect each and every idea offered.
I do not allow ideas to be attacked until evaluation time.

I am a facilitator, not a performer.
My work is being interested, not interesting.

I encourage everyone
to express themselves, and I validate varying points of view offered. I keep track of who talks and who does not, encouraging balanced participation.

I am the guide, not the group leader; I support the group leader(s).

I am constantly mindful of the outcomes
the group is seeking and flexible in my approach to helping achieve those outcomes.


This week, read these affirmations and chose one of these to focus on throughout the week.  I'd love to hear you're perspectives and experiences. Please email your comments to us.

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Reader Survey 

What do you do to keep your skills sharp as a facilitator?

This week, we're asking for you to reflect on those activities, habits, or exercises you use to keep yourself in good form as a facilitator. Please send us your input and we'll send the entire collection to everyone who contributes.

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Steve Davis is a Business and Life Coach facilitating others to reach  their full potential in their business and personal lives. Please email your stories, comments, suggestions, and ideas. Or call me at 800-216-3854. I'd love to hear from you. If you find this newsletter helpful, please forward it to your friends. Thanks for reading! 

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Thank you for reading this issue of the Master Facilitator Journal.  Look for your next issue on June 18, 2002.   

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