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Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0503, August 30, 2011

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Dear Friends,

Society programs us for quick fixes. There's the right answer or the right leader somewhere out there just beyond our grasp that will solve the social or economic problem of the day. Our "healthcare" system is a perfect reflection of this mentality now that there's a pill available to mask the innumerable symptoms that arise from unhealthy environments and lifestyles. The solutions to any complex problem are seldom magical or dramatic. They almost always arrive as a result of small, methodical actions taken on a regular basis.

In this week's article Embrace the Plateau we discuss the path of mastery, the inevitable plateaus that we'll encounter along this path, and some detours to be aware of along the way. These plateaus we'll likely experience facilitators as will many of the long standing groups we might encounter.

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The Point

Embrace the Plateau
Positive efforts to improve group functioning don't always yield immediate observable results.

Self Mastery Skill

The path of mastery, directed at improving yourself as a facilitator, or toward any other capacity, does not unceasingly produce visible results. As we grow as facilitators, or as we support groups to grow in their capacity to relate and function in higher, healthier ways, we are bound to reach "plateaus" where forward progress may appear to stall.

When we reach such a plateau, it is tempting to either try something else, or to become frustrated that we're not making progress and simply quit all together. In actuality, when progress seems to elude you or your groups, it may be time to try something else, but it also may be time to just stay the course.

The idea of mastery is elusive to the majority of Americans. According to George Leonard, author of a book entitled "Mastery," he suggests that American society is engaged in an all out war against mastery. This is brought on primarily by the demands of a consumer-oriented economy requiring unchecked growth. This growth requires the cultivation and maintenance of a belief and value system that says a quick fix for any and everything is as close as your next purchase. He suggests clearly that the heart of mastery is practice and that mastery itself is staying on the path.

If you are discouraged for lack of forward motion despite your best efforts, take heart in the possibility that integration and grounding may be occurring that may form a foundation for the next forward leap in your growth.


Leonard characterizes three different personality types that avoid mastery. We may fall into one or more of these types from time to time in our various pursuits.

There's the "Dabbler" who will try a little bit of everything. Quickly tiring when the initial excitement of a new pursuit begins to dull, off he goes to try the next new thing.

The "Hacker" will get fairly proficient at a skill but will typically stop when he reaches a plateau, never quite achieving mastery.

The "Obsessive" enjoys the act and the tools that go with the skill she is about to undertake. She will buy all the best gear, books, tutors, etc. on the subject, almost enjoying the furnishings more than the undertaking itself. Once she's got all the tools, her interest wears thin.

Leonard tells us that embracing the plateau is the key to mastery. Where are you with respect to your plateaus this week?

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This week, look at your own approach to dealing with plateaus in general and around facilitation in particular. Anything you'd like to do differently the next time you're on one? I'd love to hear you're perspectives on this. Just click on Add Your Comments to share your questions, feedback, or experience on this topic.

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