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Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0395, May 26, 2009

Dear Friends,
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On this Memorial Day, I wanted to send you a short simple issue that reflects on some basics of facilitation. I also wanted to note that this month of May marks the eighth anniversary of this publication that started May 15, 2001. And of course, I'd like to commemorate those who have given their all for noble causes around the world and through the ages.

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This Meeting Sux

The Point

Remembering the Basics
 Remember and practice the basic elements of facilitation

Relating Skill

I came across this very succinct list of affirmations covering facilitation fundamentals. The fundamentals in any field seem richer as we view them through the eyes of experience.


I listen intensely. I am a model for listening, often paraphrasing and "mirroring" what was said.

I maintain good eye contact
and stay connected to the group and each of its members.

I trust in the resources of the group. 
I keep focused on the process of getting things done; I remain detached from what the group decides to do.

I always use people's first names.

I stay awake, present
at each moment.

I organize, connect, and summarize data
to achieve closure and a sense of completion.

I protect each and every idea offered.
I do not allow ideas to be attacked until evaluation time.

I am a facilitator, not a performer.
My work is being interested, not interesting.

I encourage everyone
to express themselves, and I validate varying points of view offered. I keep track of who talks and who does not, encouraging balanced participation.

I am the guide, not the group leader; I support the group leader(s).

I am constantly mindful of the outcomes
the group is seeking and flexible in my approach to helping achieve those outcomes.

Source: The Facilitator's Fieldbook, by Justice and Jamieson.


Review these basics before leading your next group. Do any of them strike a chord for you? Please send me your comments by replying to this email.

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I've just come to the end of a series of workshops run over the last 8 weeks and wanted to thank you for all the guidance, education and support that you have provided via The workshops have been a resounding success, but that was due to the approach I learned from you about preparation; the confidence I gained from the teleclasses I attended and the regular reminders of the basic skills found in your weekly newsletter. It is clearly a winning combination. --Julia Amunwa, Programme Manager

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