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Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0362, Sept 29, 2008
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This week’s article is about awakening the enlighened leader in each of us. It is about gaining the wisdom to see order in chaos.

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The Point
Awakening the enlightened leader
Seeing the order in chaos

Intervention Skill

Chaos brings confusion and disorder; however, there is underlying wisdom in chaos, and out of it is born a new way of life. Today’s chaos and challenge we are witnessing may appear devastating; however it is giving birth to a new way of being. It is time to allow the wave of eco-balance to move through and give birth to a new way of life. What that new way will be is up to each one of us. Through a journey to resilience we can give up our resistance and fears of the unknown and participate in welcoming what is ready to emerge.

We can either ride the wave or resist it and fight it till we burn out. Remember, resistance is born of fear. The winds of change can be scary as it lifts us to the unknown. However, unknown is where resilience, creativity and sustainability are born. To gain the insights and stay present to the process of renewal, we must bring our attention and presence in alignment to the acceptance of the dying of the old.

We have the inner strength to ride the waves of change and become comfortable with the fear and discomfort that accompanies change. To ride this wild wave, we must awaken the enlightened leader within each one of us.

So what does it mean to be an Enlightened Leader?

The Sanskrit word that comes close to describing what is essential in an Enlightened leader is ‘Samdrishti’. It means to have thoughts, impressions and perceptions of equanimity consciousness, furthermore to have an understanding of the principle of change and remain at bay from the dangers of extreme highs and lows of life. An Enlightened Leader is one who can weather the storms of downturns and remain equanimous and centered. It is from the place of equanimity and centeredness one is able to think beyond the chaos and bring forth creative solutions to dissolve the problems.

Equanimity consciousness maybe foreign to our mind but is inherent in the depths of our presence. The innermost presence is absolute, whereas the outermost is relative. When we learn to see, think and perceive from the absolute – the innermost, we become Samdrishta.
Problems dissolve with equanimity consciousness as it is the space beyond the limited perception where clarity is bountiful.


Equanimity consciousness comes from the absolute, the innermost, however our mind sits on the fence between the absolute and relative.

Allow me to use Dilt’s logical level to explain this predicament.

Imagine for a moment that this logical level model is a ripple in a pond. When we express ourselves from the innermost core of our presence or spirit, the impact is far reaching. On the other side, when we express ourselves from any point outside the core, the impact will vary depending upon which particular level we are expressing from.

bullet From the outermost layer of the environment, we are caught in Reactive Expression busy putting out fires.

bullet From the behavior level, we are in Mechanical Expression, doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

bullet From the level of capability, we are in Productive Expression, ideal for the bottom line with dangers of burnout especially when the capability is not aligned with the core of your being.

bullet From the level of belief, we are in a Power Expression, while some beliefs can move mountains, they can also be limiting. With limiting beliefs we will sooner or later hit a brick wall. The best way to move beyond beliefs is to question them from time to time.

bullet From the level of values, we are in an Influential Expression, we are able to influence our actions, of others and our environment. As long as we are working on aligning our values for the greater good we are reaching the core of humanity and in thus doing we are reaching our own core.

bullet From the level of identity, we are in an Awareness Expression, we are recognizing the relationship between the subjective and objective world. We begin to understand the interdependent circle of life we are a part of.

bullet From the level of spirit, we are in the Enlightened Expression also known as Self Expression, at the core we are connected to the whole. “Human spirit is nearly impossible to destroy” Margaret Wheatley

The Enlightened Leaders understands that the closer we are to the core the more connected we are and the further we are from the core, the more isolated we become. The greatest human desire it that sense of connectedness and at the root of greed is isolation. No amounts of material fulfillment can give us the experience of connectedness.

Without the experience and sense of connectedness or what is being called collaborative intelligence, we are lost and lost we shall remain till we make connectedness our primary point of focus.

The outer layer expressions without being aligned to the core will leave us devoid of fulfillment. An Enlightened leader knows how to recognize the layer she/he is operating from and return to the core for greater impact.


Expressing from any place other than the core is a compromise that takes away from our creative mind.

Following are the choices we have in each moment.

Self-Expression or Depression
We have covered up and suppressed our inner anxiety and fear by identifying with the outer layers and then clinging to them. The harder we cling the more suffering we create for ourselves and others. One way out of this obsessive clinging to the known is self-expression. Your expression is unique, there never was nor will there ever be an expression that is made with the exact precision as yours. That exact precision is a part of the whole. Self-Expression is how you fit into the bigger picture.

bullet Connectedness or Isolation
The bigger picture is no other than the eco-system. In Nature, everything is useful and nothing is discarded. Each particle plays a part in sustaining the whole. Inherent intelligence in each particle knows the greater connection. Only humans have strayed away from the inherent intelligence as there has been a heavy reliance on separatism and reductionism.

bullet Surrender or Struggle
We can either continue to resist and drain our energy till we either drown or are brutally thrown on a shore. Or we have a choice to surrender and ride the wave of change. As we begin to let go of our attachment to the outer layers of expression, we will reach the innermost layer where we will make the most difference in the circle of life.
The circle of life is inviting us to directly experience the richness that comes from this deep connection. When two or more gather, do not miss out on the opportunity to connect from the core – everything you want to know and experience exists in this connection.

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As women leaders, facilitators and coaches, our core strength determines our ability to leave a lasting impact on the lives we touch. We owe it to ourselves and those we impact to make our core unshakable.

Upon completion gain inner wisdom to practice the following:
bullet From comparisons to unique self expression
bullet From avoidance to acceptance
bullet From holding on to letting go
bullet From conquering and competing to collaborating
bullet From problem solving to creative resolution
bullet From beating ourselves to lifting ourselves
bullet From being stuck to flying

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