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Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0357, Aug 26, 2008
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This week’s article is about The Mindful Practice. Mindfulness is the key that opens the door to greatness. Two weeks ago, we spoke of The Discipline… when mindful practice and discipline meet, Mastery is born.

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The Point

Mindful practice
Stretching Beyond Perceptions

Intervention Skill

Mindful practice is a method of training oneself to see and stretch beyond perceptions. Knowingly or unknowingly the practices we adopt shape us. Mindful practices leave a greater impact, stretching us; while unmindful practices can stagnate our growth.

My favorite course while in elementary school was Moral Science, the course was taught by a beautiful nun, Sister Amanda who had a face of an angel. She taught us good moral values. I sure can’t remember much of what was on the course syllabus other than some wonderful hymns and her lovely voice singing to us as though instilling love and compassion in our hearts and souls.

Unknown to me, I was in a mindful practice of full engagement with Sister Amanda and I would step into the field of her gentle love. She made school worthwhile and more over she also made me forget some of the horrible experiences I had for not completing homework for other teachers. That deep sense of mindful connection with Sister Amanda is still fresh in my mind.

Mindful connection is possible when all our senses are engaged. According to Dr. Cohen we have more than 52 senses. Mindful practices invoke a deeper sense of connection where sense of wonder, beauty, awareness, knowing, play, wisdom, order, humility, and belonging come alive. This expansion stretches us beyond our capacities to our natural intelligence.

We know the practice is paying off when we begin to stretch, unlearn and become comfortable stepping into the unknown.


A practice of playing the keyboard regularly will make you a decent pianist, however, when you add all your senses to the practice, you are mindfully playing; fully one with the practice; sensing the sound; and the music begins to move through you. This way of mindful practice will make you a grand pianist. For all the senses to come fully alive, the practice must touch our heart, soul and mind.

What facilitative practices you partake is not as important as how mindfully you engage in the practice… the mindful practice will take you from being a decent facilitator to a grand facilitator.

Practice minus mindfulness will keep us in a place of stagnation where we incessantly try to control the outcome, however, keep recreating what is. the same old way of being, doing and thinking. Mindful practice helps you break through the status quo…


So what practices can you incorporate that will make your senses come alive?

When mindfulness is present, even a dialogue with your loved one becomes a practice. It is not what you do, but how mindful you are while doing something that dictates the quality of your practice. In that sense of the word, even breathing becomes a practice.

Furthermore, when you are afraid, face the fear fully with mindful awareness; the practice of facing the fear mindfully will stretch your mind beyond the fear.

Just for today, no matter what you are doing, thinking or feeling, bring mindfulness to the mix and notice the difference.

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