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Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0355, Aug 14, 2008
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This week’s article is about the Mastery of Discipline. Discipline is at the heart of human greatness. Some of us cringe at the thought of discipline, thinking of it as arduous work. Let us take a closer look at how we can make discipline fun without mental aggravations.

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The Point

The Mastery of Discipline
The mindset for learning facilitators

Intervention Skill

The Latin word disciplina means "instruction", the word comes from discere "to learn," and from which discipulus "disciple, pupil" also derives. Discipline is not a restrain, but a process of blossoming.

As facilitators we are lifelong learners and when our search for higher learning is rooted in a personally suitable mastery of discipline, creating brilliance becomes possible.

How do you decide on the exact discipline to fully experience the flow of blossoming?
In other words, what discipline would be ideal for you on your quest to becoming a Master Facilitator?

The ideal discipline is a unique experience with a different mix of talent, competence and desire. There needs to be the right amount of creative tension between your talent, competence and desire. Too much will break the tension and too little will make the tension weak.

What is the ideal creative tension?

To play in the domain of discipline we must involve the heart, soul and intellect. How much of heart, soul and intellect you involve depends upon your preferences, personality and passion.
At the core of creating profound experiences is the right mix of heart, soul and intellect. When such experiences are created, our doubts fall away and we watch human greatness unfold.

Let us take a look at the following diagram to create the right mix for ourselves.

The discipline you choose will be unique and personal to you, however, the three ingredients that must be present in a discipline are as follows:
bullet An activity that is inspiring
bullet An activity that is nurturing
bullet An activity that has a personal element of ritual for you

The Discipline must nurture and inspire the heart, soul and intellect. Nurturing is honoring the self through activities that feed the heart and soul; inspiration is uplifting the self through activities that motivate the heart and soul. Setting a routine is something we look forward to doing keeps us well grounded.

Rituals are the opposite of chores and carry light, loving and joyful energy. Ritual of beginning a day, a project, that nurtures the heart, soul and intellect creates brilliance... the happier you are, the greater is your ability to carry brilliance into who you are and what you do.


To create an ideal discipline for a mental breakthrough, sometimes we need to experience and understand the dark side of the discipline.

When the discipline is born of obligations, it breeds self-sabotage (I don’t know if I can do this…), a sense of romanticizing (perhaps someday I will…), and streaks of desperation (I need that now…). Under obligations and desires to like someone else, we end up underestimating our own brilliance.

Before I met Steve, my discipline was close to 70% steadfast, however, after he left his invention FacilitatorU in our hands, I had to crank up my discipline to 110%. While most activities were nurturing and inspiring, some were daunting and flat. Through this time, I have re-discovered how writing is a main source of nurturance and inspration to me, so much so that when I honor my sense of self through a ritual of writing, it gives me much satisfaction and emmense energy to do the daunting tasks as well. Prior to a ritual of writing was missing.

Today, I look forward to my daily writing even when I am traveling for business – for me writing creates an opening for self-expression. When an outlet for self-expression is created, we become happier and content. A state of contentment create brilliance.


What is your discipline that nurtures and inspires you?
What are you willing and able to do to bring the self-expression to life? 
How can you create an outlet for self-expression?

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