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Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0352, July 22, 2008
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This week's article, Erroneous Perceptions, is about consciously moving to the place of not knowing. A mind is not attached to the known creates possibilities. We hope the article brings inspiration and courage to making facilitation a practice of being aware of erroneous perceptions.

We are honored to bring Peter Block, author of an award winning book Flawless Consulting on our Expert Series Interview on July 31st, 08 at 1:00 pm EST. Not only are Peter's words inspiring, he is known to leave the audience with soul provoking ideas. There is still space available, please join us on Thursday July 31st, at 1:00pm EST to learn about bringing change through consent and connectedness rather than through mandate and force.

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The Point

Erroneous Perception
Communicating in True Sense

Intervention Skill

We have all experienced the flow of a heartfelt communication with a friend, colleague, participant, spouse or child. Furthermore, as facilitators, we have experienced meaningful communication with groups. The uninterrupted flow of communication occurs as we drop the erroneous perceptions and are in-sync with the other. For instance, we may be attached to our point of view and are eager to relay it to the other; however, until we are willing to consciously move to the place of ‘not knowing’, we may not fully hear or understand the view point of another. Perhaps when the two views are combined there is a solution.

Majority of the problems are rooted in misperceptions. What stands in between a problem and a solution is the erroneous perception. Within each problem is a solution, however, the attachment to the way it is viewed restrains us from seeing it fully.


While I was facilitating a group a few years ago, I was jotting down the expectations of the group on the flipchart, when one individual expressed her desire to want to learn how best to change her manager’s poor attitude. Hearing her comment, my own ‘know it all’ attitude smirked and I remarked “This is the wrong workshop if you are looking to change someone’s attitude, what we will focus on is how to change our very own attitude.” At that time I thought I had a smart response… some of the participants laughed out loud while some looked up to me as the authority figure on the subject of self improvement. My ego was inflated, however, I missed out on what could have been a great case study had I kept my big mouth shut.

Looking back at the situation, how could have I responded to this inquisitive mind who was looking to change her manager’s attitude? Perhaps by simply asking a question of the audience as to what their experience has been with working on changing someone’s attitude, especially when it comes to their manager. By keeping my mind open and free of attachment to my views, I would have had a different dialogue, perhaps a different outcome…

As a facilitator, my biggest learning has been to consciously move to the unknown. A profound dialogue takes place when the known assumptions are dropped. A great way to create possibilities is to have a beginner’s mind.

When we are willing to drop our attachment to what we think we know, we are able to step into the dance of newness where communion happens. While in communion, we are open and willing to what unfolds versus seeing things as we think they ought to be.


Our daughter just turned 21 and we are practicing the game of not knowing… It is not easy but is indeed a practice where we learn about our erroneous perceptions with different reactions it creates in our minds…

When the mind has a strong reaction, the possibility of attachment to one point of view is fairly high. Instead of reacting, take the time to understand a different point of view and see how you can see possibilities with the two views coming together.

Are you preparing for a meeting that you think will be difficult? How about practicing moving into the ‘unknown’ and letting go of what could be an erroneous perception…

Difficulties, challenges and problems begin in the mind and end in the mind….

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Reconstructing the idea of leadership
Empowerment, stewardship, chosen accountability

An interview with Peter Block, Author of "Community: Structure of belonging "

Thursday July 31, 2008 1 PM EDT

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