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Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0337, Mar 25, 2008
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This week's article, Fully Experiencing and Expressing Vulnerability, is about being real. It is about creating space for the group to drop the walls and come together as a solid pillar. We hope the article brings inspiration and courage to making facilitation a practice of being real.

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The Point

Fully Experiencing and Expressing Vulnerability is a key strength
in becoming a Facilitative Leader

Intervention Skill

Do you notice the paradox in vulnerability being a key strength?

Indeed, it is through the co-existing contradictions that we get to the bottom of what is REAL. Just as both day and night co-exist and yet neither is real – the appearance of day and night is a projection of the earth positioning away from or towards the Sun that makes it so. In essence when the light appears, the shadow disappears. Vulnerability and strength are very much like night and day. When strength surfaces, vulnerability is veiled and vice versa.

The Sun is like our intelligence or presence; just hidden behind self-doubt and fears. Intelligence shines as strength when our attitude is positioned towards it and casts a shadow as vulnerability when our attitude is positioned away from it. Both experiences are just that, simply experiences.

We cannot be strong without being vulnerable. When we allow ourselves to feel vulnerability fully we open up to great inner strength.


What does this have to do with Facilitation?

As a facilitator, we must experience both fully… stepping both into our strength and vulnerability. Without the integrated experience, it would be impossible to make it easy for others to fully be present to their strength and vulnerability.

Why is it important to be comfortable and present to vulnerability?

Before I understood the true value of vulnerability, I would put on a façade to appear to be perfect in front of a group. Only showing and sharing my best and happy side. It was fun but did not bring the group closer. As a matter of fact I noticed I was standing on a stage performing for the group making sure I had the answers and that I was looking good. It was a few years back when our son began to abuse marijuana. The experience of being there for him and supporting him find his way back re-connected me with my inner vulnerabilities. I am grateful for that experience as it brought me down from the stage and has made me become a part of the groups I facilitate. I am not afraid to show my vulnerability today and this fearlessness allows the group to be real.

When I hide an emotion of doubt or fear, there is no hiding you see -- no place to hide… it will and does get projected in some way shape or form. When our attitude is positioned away from intelligence, we cast a shadow and there is no hiding the shadow… however, there is a way to position our attitude towards intelligence and the shadow disappears.

I remember the time when it was difficult to admit to the fact that I do not have the answers. We were taught to wing it if we didn’t know the answer. Winging it was not the best choice. The feelings of hiding what I did not know, stole from my presence… remember there is no place to hide the shadow… Today it is easier for me to admit I don’t have all the answers, when there is nothing to hide, the entire focus, attention and energy is spent on being present to the Intelligence within me and the group. ‘Moving away from winging it’ gives me wings to be in the flow…


Do not be afraid to share your vulnerabilities along with your strengths. You will be surprised on how quickly the group opens up to you. Vulnerability is a shared reality.

Throw away the mask of perfection, this will allow the group to be comfortable with themselves and you.

Be willing to laugh at yourself when you make a blunder.

Let the group know that you are there to learn as much as you are there to share.

When you don’t have the answer, throw the question back to the group.

Next time you are feeling vulnerable, be open to it and do not hide from it… allow the light of intelligence to shine upon it by being present to the vulnerability.

When you don’t know what to do, remember to trust the process and breathe as the most appropriate next step does surface through the group’s wisdom.

Being comfortable with vulnerability is a true strength.

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