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Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0336, Mar 18, 2008
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Welcome our new Expert Series Talk Show host Jon Barb, training consultant, facilitator and author of Do What Works. Jon has graciously accepted the role for interviewing guests for our Expert Series Interviews while Steve is away. Jon’s greatest gift is to simplify most complex concepts, models and thoughts.

Jon is also working with us on creating key notes and a full blown workshop for This Meeting Sux. We are honored and excited to collaborate with Jon to further our vision of changing the way meetings are conducted for good. If you are interested in inviting Jon Barb for a key note, please contact us for further information.

Steve’s vision will continue to grow and shine while he meditates – clearly the power of intention in play.

This week’s article is written by Dr. Michael Cohen author of ‘Web of Life Imperative’ and over 50 other books on living in balance with Nature. Dr. Cohen is a scientist-counselor-ecopsychologist-traditional musician-naturalist who has been identified as a maverick genius. He has received the Distinguished World Citizen Award from the World Peace University.

His article speaks to the part of us that has been cut off from nature. Why is this important for facilitators? Join us on April 1st for an interview with Dr. Cohen at 1:00 pm EST as he sheds light on how we can create well being and share it with the groups we lead.
Thank you for being a part of this growing community.

If you know of someone who might be interested in being on our tele-interview show, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.


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The Point

Personal and Global Peace Process
Transform Disorders into Well Being

Intervention Skill

The Remedy for our Destructive Prejudice Against Nature (PAN)

"I noticed storm clouds as I walked to the theater; it even smelled like rain but the news said it wouldn't rain so I left my raincoat home. The frightening film I saw saddened me. "Why am I upset?" I asked myself, "I knew before it started that it was pure fiction." Homeward bound, depressed and soaked by the cold rain, a fresh wind blew me to my senses, "I'm not at peace. I suffer because, out of habit, I attach myself to inaccurate stories."

To help ourselves peacefully live healthy and happy lives, personally and professionally we must correct our habit of building relationships based on flawed information that deteriorates our mind, body and spirit. The misleading limitations imposed by flawed information produce the discontents and disorders we suffer in industrial society.

Are you ready to explore what we learn to omit?

"We are dysfunctional socially and environmentally because we are cut off and isolated from the world of nature and the natural."
-Albert Gore, Author, Earth in the Balance

Biologically and spiritually, human beings are born as part of nature's web of life and its perfection. Industrial Society deteriorates personal, social and environmental well-being because it seldom admits that its excessive demands for goods, profits and power is destructively prejudiced against nature (PAN). This prejudice socializes our thinking to separate from and exploit the balanced ways of natural systems in and around us just like the prejudice of the KKK harms people of color. 

Nature is the real thing; we have invented no substitute for it. Our artificial replacements for it too often contain the detrimental flaws that produce our discontents.

Attributes of Natural Systems

Natural systems are the self-organization of attractions into more stable, mutually beneficial, cyclic relationships that purify themselves and the world. The plant, animal and mineral kingdoms are a natural paradise that these systems produce and sustain.

Happily, when they are intact, natural systems in congress generate nature's perfection: its optimums of life, diversity, peace and cooperation. Nature produces no garbage, everything is attractive and wanted; nothing is left out.

By consensually transforming into each other, natural systems create a minimum of the pollution, abusiveness, stress, madness, violence and isolation that we suffer in industrial society.
Natural systems sustain our health and wellness as they flow through and around us. Every 5-7 years they replace every molecule in our body with a new molecule and our old molecules become parts of natural systems. We are natural systems and they are us.
Significantly, to be part of a system, anything, including us, must be in communication with the system. Otherwise that thing will function separately and, unaware of the system, may lose its value or destroy it.

Source of our Disturbed Peace of Mind.

Our disturbed thinking and feeling flaws result from a profound disconnection of our thinking from natural systems and their perfection. This disconnection results in our fear and ignorance of how natural systems sustain our well being as part of their own. We suffer our troubles because, on average:

bullet We learn to spend over 95 percent of our lives indoors with our senses and sensibilities separated from attraction in nature's grace and beauty.

bullet Over 99 percent of our thinking is out of contact with the balance, happiness and restorative attraction powers in natural systems.

bullet 18,000 hours of our critical developmental years are educated indoors, in school and book learning that often distorts nature.

bullet We spend eleven hours per lifetime with our thinking in tune with nature.

Our thinking is our destiny. When our socialization excessively disconnects our thoughts from nature's perfection, we create a detrimental personal, social and global void. Bewildered (separated from wilderness), we shrug off the destructive effects of this sensory deprivation from nature, effects that are seldom found in nature-connected people(s). Although destructively stressed, we celebrate our flawed thinking and excessive technologies as "progress," "economic growth," "security," "intelligence," and "winning”.


The Antidote for Prejudice Against Nature

"Personal transformation is best cultivated by partnering with the supreme agent of change, the Earth. Life is change, and nature is the wizard who enlivens its magic cycles."
-Philip Sutton Chard

"Nature is doing her best each moment to make us well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Because society's nature-disconnected way of thinking, feeling and relating causes PAN, the antidote for it is a nature-reconnecting, organic psychology process. This remedy is a readily available tool, an educational application of ecopsychology, a public course that most people can learn on the Internet in less than 60 days.

Developed from 55 years of research and experience with people living in natural areas, Organic Psychology helps us address the core nature-disconnecting agent that our society has programmed into our psyche. By giving our natural thoughts and feelings the means to unite with their attraction origins in nature, Organic Psychology liberates them to register and nurture themselves into our consciousness. Our troubles subside because we free-up and empower our attraction to think holistically and co-create with natural systems, like nature's perfection works.

The Holistic Value of Natural Contact

The key contribution of Organic Psychology:

bullet It empowers us to genuinely tap our mind into the renewing ways of natural systems within and about us.

bullet It encourages these systems to compost the PAN garbage that society has placed in our mind and heart, just as these same systems compost other waste products in nature. We recycle the pollution of our psyche as we transform our hurt and distortions from PAN into trustable supportive pleasure from relating with the totality of life.

bullet It enables us to reduce our feelings of isolation and celebrate belonging.

bullet It helps us recognize that the reason a walk in the park begins to refresh us is more than, "The walk gets us away from our problems." We recognize that the walk also immerses our psyche in the recuperative ecstasy and powers of natural attractions. Our renewal from this contact produces a stronger love and respect in us for the natural environment. This is crucial for we protect most what we love.


Next time you take a walk in Nature, walk with full awareness by using all your senses to fully experience Nature. When we graciously take in the breath, beauty and richness of Nature, we become energized and gain inner calm and clarity.

Facilitation becomes effortless with inner clam and clarity!

Learn to facilitate specific Nature Connect Activities for groups by visiting

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Facilitation Micro-Skills Seminar


Nature Connect
Transforming disorders into well being through reconnecting with nature

An interview with Dr Michael J Cohen, Project Nature Connect

An interview with Michael J. Cohen

For almost sixty years, Michael J. Cohen has been an environmental educator and psychologist who, from many decades of university training and living and learning in natural areas, became aware that our socialization in industrial society prejudiced our mind. It conditioned us to know nature and ourselves through abstract stories that separated our thinking from the beauty and balanced ways of nature and created our disorders. This separation biased the way we think to believe that it alone was intelligent and that it made more sense than the natural attraction way that nature worked to produce its self-correcting perfection.

Join us for this one-hour interview with Dr. Michael Cohen on Tuesday, April 1st at 1 pm Eastern and learn about his method of achieving great wellness for ourselves and our groups through reconnecting with nature.

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