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Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0335, Mar 11, 2008
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This week’s article is by Dr. Ron and Victoria Friedman of the Vistar Foundation.  They will be our guest on our tele-interview (link to our web page of Ron & Victoria)  class next Tuesday the 18th at 1:00 pm EST.  Join us for a rich discussion with Ron and Victoria on ‘Accessing the Collective Consciousness.  They have certainly mastered the art of bringing elegance and beauty into meetings.  Their secret is in accessing the Field or the Collective Consciousness.  Bits and pieces of that wisdom is spread out in this week’s article and to find out more, tune into next week’s interview.

If you know of someone who might be interested in being on our tele-interview show, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.


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The Point


Intervention Skill

Would you like to kill two birds with one conscious, intentional stone? Would you like to improve the productivity and efficiency of your meeting while at the same time making a contribution to the future of humanity? Then the Vistar Method of Communication™ (VMC) is for you.

The VMC is for anyone involved in small group meetings (of 5-50) who has a vision of the creative potential of a human gathering. The VMC is about the conscious recognition that a meeting is a gathering of the mysterious resource of human Being; it is about people’s interaction in the visible and invisible realm and the enormous potential of aligned human consciousness to create a pathway into the future. It is about facilitating the transformation and integration of the sense of individual and group Identity into a conscious working Unity, a field of Collective Consciousness. This Unified Field (apologies to contemporary physics) discovers a resonating relationship with a larger Field of unlimited Creativity and Intelligence. This is a radical shift in the priority of any meeting, for when this vision and valuation are present, the energy, quality and atmosphere of the meeting become an inseparable part of any stated goal and theme of that meeting. The meeting is transformed by the consciousness of those present.

Grand words? Sounds ethereal, impractical?

Metaphysical teachings tell us that, when we go for the higher purpose, the lower level is included and taken care of. Go for the lower application, and we are once again mired in the same approach that created our problem in the first place. The VMC is a structure with a set of deceptively simple rules and an ordered development that allows participants to go beyond old patterns of thinking and the usual self-centered focus. Its primary purpose is to facilitate access to the Field called Collective Consciousness, a Presence of unknown and unlimited potential that appears far beyond the sum of the abilities of the individuals present.

The VMC also defines some of the prerequisites which determine the outcome of a meeting. For example, there needs to be alignment by the participants in the purpose and meaning of the meeting, as well as an agreement to follow the four basic rules. Our contemporary culture does not like rules, leaders, or any structure that curtails our usual way of interacting. But it is obvious that without rules, the Universe could not exist. We search for contact and communication in all our interactions -- meetings, dinners, parties, one-on-one relationships, family gatherings (are these the worst?), and we forget the basics of real and satisfying conversation. We assume we know and will somehow muddle through.

WARNING: Although the VMC primarily focuses on small group communication, when practiced for a short period of time it may ruin ordinary conversation for you, whatever the setting. In recognizing how the ego often powers our contribution to meetings, in seeing the self-centered focus of our listening, and at the same time being willing to follow the rules which offer the possibility of going beyond these limitations, we enter a Space of altogether new relationships and possibilities. What is amazing and repeatedly experienced in the VMC is the deep individual satisfaction that is felt in joining and contributing to a conscious, creative group expression. Try It. You’ll like It


1. Bring some elegance and beauty into the meeting environment.
Surroundings have a way of affecting people’s attitudes.

2. Is there alignment in the purpose and significance of the meeting?
This cannot be taken for granted and left in the “Grey Zone.” Review the purpose of the meeting with everyone at the beginning.

3. Review the basic VMC rules, their meaning and vision, and get agreement that they will be followed.

For example, the rule that states “No questions while the meeting is in progress” is challenging to the ego and needs to be understood in light of the importance of the momentum of upward spiraling group energy.

4. The Leader should choose an individual or individuals to act as support for the direction and purpose of the meeting.

Every meeting has a natural centrifugal force away from its original direction. The support person should have communicated with the leader in advance and be fully aware of the contents of the meeting and its intended direction. Support in this sense is not a question of personal agreement or disagreement; it is a commitment to the rule of order in the meeting and to supporting the leader in staying on the topic and goal of the meeting. Just as in a physical structure, the number of supports depends on the size of the meeting.

5. Stress the importance of contributions by each participant.
Contributions are an essential energetic input to a meeting. These may be verbal in the physical realm, or be evidenced by the quality of presence of each participant. Attention and intention are energy fields which determine the atmosphere and frequency of a meeting and are crucial ingredients in accessing the Field of Collective Consciousness.

6. Plan your meeting according to the three sections of the VMC, called the enunciation, development, and recapitulation.
Enunciation is the statement of the purpose of the meeting and exploring its larger significance. In the VMC, the theme of the meeting is called “the thread.” This takes up about one quarter of the time.

The Development section takes up about one half of the time and explores the ramifications and consequences of applying the thread in everyday experience.
The Recapitulation section brings back the thread, which is now matured through the considerations of the development section. New understanding and new directions for follow-up have hopefully emerged and can be compared to the original intention of the meeting.

7. At the start of a meeting and at the very end, the VMC practice is to have a moment of silence. This space is for centering in the present moment and internally and quietly posing such questions as “why am I here,” ”what do I want,” “what do I have to contribute,” ”what have I experienced?”

8. Using aspects of the VMC outlined above, bring into the light of consciousness the individual and group experience. What are the factors that facilitate or obstruct access to higher levels of group energy and communication? Have elements of Collective Consciousness been present?


The structure and rules of the VMC are direct and simple to apply. The understanding and vision of what a meeting could be is an individual matter and more difficult to define. Access to the Field of Collective Consciousness can never be guaranteed, although the experience of It has been sporadically reported in a variety of settings. There is a growing worldwide interest in the properties of this Field and Its miraculous attributes. Some feel, as we do, that this way of working together contains the magical ingredients for a new partnership of the individual with the group and for the group with a Field of Reality which wishes Itself known and utilized for our evolutionary destiny.

We invite you to join us in this extraordinary exploration.

For Information here about Vistar Foundation, VMC training workshops and seminars, contact us at, or call 203.968.1995, or look at Vistar’s website at

This Week's Offer

A Visionary Approach to Accessing Collective Consciousness

The Vistar Method of Communication® (VMC) is an Evolutionary Meeting Structure for accessing the unlimited potential of the Creative Source using four simple rules and a structure that are easy to learn. Very quickly one can learn to guide meetings and engage in the energetic movement of group intention, which lead to ever deepening and enriching levels of meaning and true connection. It's about energy, it's about clarity, it's about moving toward unity, beyond the quagmires and barriers experienced in normal group communication in businesses, in families, certainly on the world stage...even the United Nations!

Join us in this one-hour live interview with the founders of the Vistar Foundation, Ron and Victoria Friedman on Tuesday, March 18th at 1 pm Eastern. Some of the questions we'll discuss include:

Tell us a little about the Vistar Foundation. What is your reason for being, your vision if you will?
You speak of a new form of consciousness emerging as a result of certain modes of group work. Share with us your views on the development of Collective Consciousness and its importance to us as human beings.

You speak of the Vistar Method of Communication™, an Evolutionary Meeting Structure for accessing the unlimited potential of the Creative Source.

What is an example of the rules and the three-part structure of the Vistar Method?
You've used this method for all aspects of your work in Vistar, from individual and group awakening to artistic creativity to marketing, what kind of results have you witnessed?
We spoke about the parallel between the skills required to improvise musically and theatrically that can prepare participants to facilitate the unfolding of Collective Consciousness. Please share your perspective on this.

Tell us about your metaphor that speaks about group consciousness unfolding like the notes in a musical octave.

Why do you stress the group, rather than the individual, as a venue for conscious evolution?
What are your plans for the future?
And, answers to participant’s questions.

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