Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0334, March 4, 2008


Dear Friends,

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We would like to extend our gratitude to Julia Amunwa of the Netherlands who has stepped forward to lead a project in conjunction with Her project is to make ‘Facilitative Skills’ a core competency for managers worldwide. How did Julia come up with this idea? To find out more, visit her blog post at

We also want to acknowledge Mary Kay Reinemann for taking our last week’s article ‘Embrace a Bigger Bottom Line’ and turning it into a discussion in her practice group.

Our thoughts for this week’s journal are inspired by Julia and Mary Kay who by their commitment to lead and facilitate a positive change are stimulating the element of live interaction in our virtual community.

In this week’s journal we are sharing the depths of our commitment to our community and we would like to invite you to be an integral part of this growing community.

Please continue to send us your valued thoughts, comments and suggestions

Neerja & Steve

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The Point

Do we really need another "Virtual" Community?

While our electronic devices, computers, cell phones, ipods, and blackberries are bringing us more connectivity, many of us feel increasingly disconnected from ourselves and each other. After years of working in the virtual world, I'm experiencing a growing sense of isolation and I understand others are as well. The rapid growth of what's been dubbed Web 2.0, which hails the growth of online communities, is perhaps yet another attempt to get technology to solve the problem that it has in part created. 
Virtual communities present us with a paradox. In my experience, online communities keep me in front of the computer for extended periods of time, time that I might be using to connect with nature, myself, and others. But at the same time, the virtual world makes many wonderful things possible. I’ll be the first to acknowledge the freedom I enjoy running a virtual business from my home. It allows me to work on my own schedule, at my own pace.


Facilitating the FacilitatorU Community

One of the new initiatives we are working on is to build our online community to better serve your needs. While this community that we're speaking of may be primarily virtual, there are great possibilities for live elements as well. Now of course, we could just tell you what we think we should do to build this community, but how facilitative would that be? Instead, we'd like to throw out some ideas to stimulate your thinking, then ask you to share with us what you need or would like to see evolve around this community. So what are the elements of an effective "Virtual" Community? Here are some of our ideas:

- Being a member of a virtual community should multiply the efforts of each member. We don't want to create a community that burdens members with loads of additional email and software management functions.

- The community should be organic in nature. It should serve all those involved, while they're active in it. They can then drop away or move on to another aspect of the community or to none at all when their needs are met.

-   The community should be a source of connecting and supporting; learning and sharing; giving and receiving; and creating and celebrating each others’ successes.

-   The community should be about collaboration vs. competition

-    Each member should be able to express their unique talent and gain support from the community

-   There should be an element of trust amongst the members

Now it is your turn…


Go to our new blog at and tells us the elements you'd like to see incorporated into a facilitation community of practice, if in fact you're interested in such a thing at all. We'll do our best to respond to your desires.


Great opportunity to expand and make a difference:

We are looking for Independent Change Agents to grow our community… Please call Neerja at (203) 602-1174 for more information

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