Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0332, February 19, 2008


Dear Friends,

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This week’s Master Facilitator Journal contains something different and meaningful for all of us. We are calling out to our community to help us create a shift from an egocentric to a worldcentric consciousness. Are you ready to create a Facilitative Leadership wave and make this shift a reality!

Last week’s article ended with the following statement… "Relish the honor it is to be a Facilitator!". As a leader, what does this mean for you? What changes do you want to bring about in your community?

Let us start by sharing what we want to bring to our community. We’ve been writing about the importance of creating a vision. So we think that it’s time we share our vision, mission, and purpose with you…

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This Meeting Sux
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Journey of Facilitation Workshop


We are awakening, freeing and empowering world change agents—catalysts helping people shift from judgment to discernment, from greed to grace, and from egocentric to worldcentric consciousness.


To expand facilitative leadership in business, government, education, and communities worldwide.


To facilitate the following shifts…

  • In Government...from Democracy to Cooperacy.
  • In Business...from Command and Control to Servant Leadership.
  • In Education...from Teaching to Learning Facilitation.
  • In Communities...from Passive Follower to Empowered Participant.

What can we do together to support this shift?

Here’s a recent example of what we’re doing to support these shifts. The driver behind writing our latest book, This Meeting Sux. 12 Acts of Courage to Change Meetings For Good, is to equip each and every person in the working world with skills and inspiration needed to help groups break out of the status quo.

To this end, our vision is to see the copy of This Meeting Sux in the hands of every meeting participant in Government, Business, Education and Communities worldwide.

Now it’s your turn

What specifically can we do to help you make one of these shifts in your organization, community, or for your clients?

How can we help each other as facilitators, coaches, leaders to bring about these profound shifts?

Please send your valued thoughts and comments to


Steve, Neerja & Deepak


Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration Live Workshop

Journey of Facilitation WorkshopMy colleagues Darin Harris and Harry Webne-Behrman are conducting asecond run of our Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration Workshop this coming June while I'm gone on my retreat. Our first offering last October was even more successful than we had imagined. In fact, over 86% of participantswho attended said that they would use what they learned on a daily orregular basis.

During this powerful journey into the complex world of facilitation and collaboration, you'll learn the vital skills you need to become a confident and effective facilitative leader in the modern workplace. You will be introduced to a comprehensive model for facilitation, one that balances “hard” and “soft” skills. Using hands-on, multi-modal approaches, we’ll take you beyond theory to walk the path of mastery using a holistic set of 20 facilitation competencies. And as the gifts and challenges unique to this particular group show up, we'll face them and embrace them together, and massage, adjust, and calibrate the experience in greatest service to all concerned.

When is it? June 9th to June 13th, 2008; 8:30am - 4:30pm daily.

How do I know this is for me?
This workshop will serve you best if you have at least some basic facilitation and leadership experience. It will offer you the attitudes and hands-on practice you need to serve in the role of facilitator with increased confidence, and will help expand your self-knowledge and ability to self-manage, skills critical to your success as a leader. If you are an experienced facilitator, this is your chance to take your existing practice of facilitation into some new terrain with a fresh new model that offers increasing depth and breadth of practice. We look forward to taking this journey with you!

Attending this course helped me to understand the importance of facilitation skills in everything that I do,from leadership, to supervision, to participation.
I have thought about things I learned in the course every day since the course ended.
--2007 Workshop Participant--

This course was tightly organized and packed full of information and tools.
Every minute counted.

Certification: Upon completion of the workshop, you will be awarded a professional certificate in Integral Facilitation and Collaboration from UW-Madison.

How Much is it? The price for the 5-day workshop is $750. But if you register before May 9th it's only $600!

Where do I sign up? Click here for full details and registration, and please take a moment to forward this message along to colleagues who may be interested.

On Wednesday night, I went to bed knowing that there wasn't enough time left in my lifetime to learn how to facilitate.
On Thursday morning, I woke up with a plan for my next meeting. Good work fellas!
--2007 Workshop Participant--

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