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It is an honor to be a part of FacilitatorU! Steve has taken us under his wings and is patiently guiding us through his web based master piece creation.This week’s article A closer look at recurring patterns is an excerpt from my new book, Bliss is in Knowing the Self. It sheds light on how recurring patterns stand in the way of our success.

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The Point

How recurring patterns stand in the way of our success
A closer look at Mental Models

Intervention Skill

As leaders it’s imperative that we understand how mental models dictate the way we view reality. Mental models, also known as patterns, are formed by our experiences, upbringing, culture, society and education. They are impressions that restrict our ability to see situations with clarity. Patterns are the perceptions we see our world through. By and large the ideal way to break patterns is to challenge the underlying assumptions until the conflicting reality dissolves.

A break through requires the practice of self awareness and presence. Being fully present without a trace of denial disrupts patterns. Over time the understanding begins to shift to a deeper level and creates resolutions. For instance, our distorted perceptions follow certain rules of mental models which are best explained through the "The Ladder of Inference," a concept from Peter Senge's book The Fifth Discipline. He writes that the brain processes information according to the following steps:

1. I observe the conflict.
2. I select the data from the conflict (similar to selective hearing – we will call it selective data gathering).
3. I add meaning to the selected data.
4. I make assumptions based on the meaning I added.
5. I draw conclusion based on the assumptions.
6. I adopt beliefs based on the conclusion.
7. I take action based on the beliefs.


Let me explain how this works: One of my colleagues I provide contract work for is a highly sophisticated, top-notch facilitator and has been in the training industry for over thirty years. A few years ago she co-facilitated a training program with me. The thought that such an experienced person would be co-facilitating with me made me extremely nervous. Even though I am a natural facilitator and inspire the audience, when I am under the spell of my mental model, I am pulled into a fear-based roller coaster.

Let me walk through the ladder of inference so you will see what took place in my mind during the roller coaster ride.

Ladder Of Inference
My Reality
I observe the inner conflict I observe my super sophisticated colleague sitting in the back of the room taking notes and observing me.
I select the data My attention selects the data that she is looking at me with a critical eye.
I add meaning The meaning I add after selecting the data is that I am not as sophisticated or seasoned as she is, so she must be looking at my shortcomings.
I add assumptions based on the meaning I add She must not like my presentation.
I draw conclusions She will never want to work with me again.
I adopt beliefs I am not as good as she is and I need years of experience to catch up to what she is capable of. I will never be like her.
I take action based on the belief. I tell my colleague that perhaps I am not quite ready to co-facilitate with her.

When I sat down to confirm my ladder of inference with my colleague, she laughed as she explained that her reality was the opposite of mine. She was taking notes for the added value and perspective I was providing to the course. She immediately recognized that I was being too hard on myself and continued to hire me to facilitate workshops. Based on this experience I had obviously assumed and jumped to the wrong conclusion.  The unconscious false fears create a compelling sense of reality in the mind that overrides facts. The key is not to beat ourselves up but to walk through the inner thinking process using the ladder of inference.  It is important to stay aware of how we follow a pattern climbing the ladder of inference; however, when we have the courage to share distorted unconscious false beliefs, we free ourselves of the assumptions. Since I was willing to share my assumptions with my colleague, we were able to laugh it out, and today we have moved to a new level of friendship. 


Where in your life are you feeling uneasy or upset? Look at this situation using the ladder of inference above and identify any assumptions operating around the issue. How might you verify these assumptions? Do it now!

When you notice your mind blindly following the mental model, use the light of awareness to check in, question and clarify through the ladder of inference.


Bliss is in Knowing the Self
is a guide for discovering human greatness. The experience with the Self transcends humans from ordinary to extraordinary beings. We are born impeccably astonishing; however, the restrictions and fears we adopt while growing up makes us ordinary. Once we from a relationship with the Self, it demystifies the essence of life, uncovering the wisdom and power of being human. This book is not an information resource; however, a tool to experience the Self by drawing out the essence of the subject. Do not take everything at face value; draw out the meaning as it relates to your own life experience. Until we are willing to be with a subject and obtain our own truth, we are not educating ourselves; we are merely being informed. Through reading we become informed, through relating we become knowledgeable; however, through fully experiencing we become wise.
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