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I hope you had a fulfilling and unlaborious Labor Day weekend!  Continuing in the spirit of labor conservation and in the interest of revisiting an important topic, I'm rerunning the article, "You are a Process, Honor it." Now of course, that's what facilitation is all about anyway. Right? It's about creating and maintaining healthy group process. But today, I'm talking about your process, and you as process, and how that impacts your effectiveness as a facilitator. As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Facilitating Egos. Expert Interview with Dr. Eileen Dowse, Certified Master Facilitator, Speaker, Author and Founder of Human Dynamics. Join us for this one-hour interview where we'll discuss strategies for effectively facilitating stubborn participants hung up on "their way", participants who simply have to be on center stage, and other common ego challenges. See details after the article below.

The Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration Workshop. FacilitatorU in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin, is offering the "Journey of Facilitation and Collaboration," a live training workshop based on 20 archetypes of the Integral Facilitator in late October. You'll have the opportunity to practice the competencies of self-facilitation, social awareness, and group process required before, during, and after group facilitation events. Click here for full details and complete workshop outline.

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eileen dowse

Dr. Eileen Dowse
Facilitating Egos
Sept 13th
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The Point

You are a Process, Honor It
Facilitating processes for others means facilitating your process too.

Self-Facilitation Skill

Effective facilitators spend a lot of time preparing material and frameworks for setting up and running effective group processes. They may put a lot of resources together relevant to the focus of their group. And they may even try to anticipate some of the problems, concerns, and challenges that might present themselves from within their group so that they'll have "ammunition" or "responses" to some of the anticipated challenges. How do I know this? Well, because I find myself doing it all the time! And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. But, here's another perspective.

We encourage our clients to "trust in the process" that we facilitate in their behalf. What about our own internal process as the catalyst of group process? What if we were to trust completely in the richness of the moment to moment experience? What if every challenge or problem came pre-packaged with its own solution or right action? What if our awareness of this solution or right action were only apparent when we empty our minds of what we know from the past? What if you are a living reflective instrument? An empty conduit through which group energy is marshaled and evolved? What if this required you to forget and surrender everything you've ever known? What are the answers to these questions? Ahhh, nice try. But sorry. No answers. I'm merely a process!


Now if I'm to be real with you. I must site down here to write this example with nothing in particular in mind. I'm to simply sit here, in front of my monitor, with the intention of providing you with a juicy and relevant example of the aforementioned point. I will sit here now without expectation, with only a clear intention, and a willingness to trust my creative process. And from this place I write:

Imagine yourself in a room full of clients who have entrusted you with the management of a process by which they will take the next major step as a business organization. A step on which possibly the future of their company rests. A step with huge potential risks and payoffs. You are being paid very well for this. A lot is expected of you. You are serving as the catalyst for a new tomorrow for this group of humble compatriots.

The group is stuck. Their hopes are dimming. They doubt their abilities, their future, and at a time like this, so do you. But you know that the work to be done is not yours. If you chose to make it yours, ownership and sustainability of their dream might be in question. You challenge them to hold their vision clearly, to trust that it will show them the next step, that the struggle they're up against is the birthing pain of their vision. You challenge them. You are silent. And while fully present, you wait...


What could you do this week to more fully trust your process as a facilitator, as a human being? Reply to this email and let me know what you discover, I'd love to hear from you.


eileen dowse

Facilitating Egos ...

How to get the "know it alls" onboard

Featuring Dr. Eileen Dowse, Certified Master Facilitator, Speaker, Author and Founder of Human Dynamics

"Just in Time" Learning

If you've worked with groups for very long, you've run into the participant who knows it all and just can't follow anyone else's lead. There are effective ways to work with big egos without spoiling the party. Attend this one-hour tele-seminar with Eileen Douse and Steve Davis Thursday, September 13th at 1:00 PM EST (NY Time). Some of the points we'll discuss are...

  • How do you know if there will be egos affecting your facilitation?

  • What role should I take as a facilitator to work with participants who’s destructive ego negatively impacts the group?

  • What do you do when a person with a strong ego attacks someone who is meek and mild?

  • Are there any activities that work well when you have a room with lots of egos?

  • How do you get everyone to talk when the person with the ego is dominating the conversation?

  • How can I prepare an agenda when the client wants something that would be a disaster and they won’t back down or negotiate on alternatives?

  • Is there a specific facilitative style that is better to use when you have a room filled with egos?

  • What’s the deal with egos anyway?  What are these people all about?

  • And, answers to any questions you bring to the teleclass.

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