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Dear friends,

It's our anniversary today. The fifth anniversary of the launch of this ezine, the Master Facilitator Journal. It hardly seems possible that it's been FIVE years! I used to wonder what I was going to write about after the 15th issue. That was the number of issues I had written in advance before launching the ezine on May 15th, 2001. Fortunately, something always seems to come forward for me to write about. And if it doesn't, I trust my creativity enough to know that something will show up if I show up to write it.

So with this anniversary issue, it feels like a great time to revisit our motivation to being facilitators and group leaders in this week's issue, "Why Are You a Facilitator?" Enjoy!

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Leverage Your "Relational Presence" for Masterful Group Leadership
The Introverts answer to public speaking and group presence
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Have a great week!

Steve Davis


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The Point

Why Are You a Facilitator?
Know your motivation and desire to facilitate to
strengthen and clarify your conviction and your effectiveness

Group Process Skill

I once participated in a telephone interview with a thoughtful student from George Washington University. The first question she asked me was a very simple one, "Why did you decide to become a Facilitator?" She was a very good facilitator herself, giving me plenty of attentive silence to dig below the surface and I was amazed at what came out of me! I wished I had recorded it. 

The answer that I gave reconnected me with my passion around facilitating as I explained my larger vision and desire for doing so. The simple act of answering that question renewed my conviction, clarified my intentions, and energized me simply by virtue of my renewed perspective. What a gift! Thank you Leslie.

So I suggest that you ask yourself this question or have a trusted friend, coach, or fellow facilitator ask you this question and have them take good notes on your answer. This just might be the exploration you need to fuel your next step.


My answer to the above question went something like this:

I don't know that I actually "decided" to become a facilitator. I believe that my basic temperament and inherent strengths initially led me into that role. Meaning that I'm passionate about learning and self-discovery, helping others to learn about themselves, and I'm an excellent listener and catalyst for creativity.

I get a special thrill out of helping a group discover the synergy born out of working together in an authentic fashion. Most groups that I've witnessed as a participant or observer, operate at a fraction of their potential due to a lack of facilitation skills or their conscious application. Having experienced what's possible myself in groups that operate authentically, I seek to help others reach this level. I see so much untapped potential that we could so desperately use during these times to solve our many challenges, that I wish to be one to sew the seeds of solutions, and to nurture the problem solvers, process keepers, and paradigm shifters.

I believe that when we teach individuals to own their authentic power from within their groups, their groups will show us a new way to live and work together. A way that may be essential to our survival as a species.


Ask yourself the question, "Why have I chosen to be a Facilitator?" Either record your answer or have someone take notes. What new actions or changes, if any will you take as a result of your answers. Just click reply and type them directly into this email.

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Leverage Your "Relational Presence" for Masterful Group Leadership
The Introverts answer to public speaking and group presence

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