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As we move deeper into the information age, it's likely that many of those whom you facilitate, train, and lead will be knowledge workers to some degree. Using conventional approaches to manage knowledge workers does not work all that well. Many of the challenges you are likely to face in groups will have to do with a new dynamic that requires leaders to use a more Facilitative or Coaching approach in their leadership.

In his book, Masterful Coaching, Robert Hargrove talks about the importance of being a "thinking partner." In this age where thinking and information are the coin of the realm, a "thinking partner" may be the most appropriate role a leader can play. This week's article, "Triple Loop Learning," introduces this model as described by Hargrove to lead people beyond empowerment to transformation.

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The Point

Triple Loop Learning
Moving from results to transformation

Group Process Skill

You can't manage knowledge workers.
~Peter Drucker

As Peter Drucker's quote implies, managing knowledge workers only holds them back. As we move deeper into the information age, it's likely that many of those whom you facilitate, train, and lead will be knowledge workers to some degree. There has to be a more empowering way to lead those whose work we may never understand.

In his book, Masterful Coaching, Robert Hargrove talks about the importance of being a "thinking partner." In this age where thinking and information are the coin of the realm, a "thinking partner" may be the most appropriate role a leader can play. Defaulting to old habits of command and control, or even managing for results, will simply hold many people back in the information economy.

To assist you in becoming a "thinking partner," Hargrove introduces the "triple loop" learning model which distinguishes between "incremental learning" (single-loop), "reframing" (double-loop learning), and "transformational learning" (triple-loop). These distinctions are important to group leaders seeking to not only empower people to achieve more, but to transform who they take themselves to be.

Much of the work leaders do takes place at the incremental level, that is helping others to learn new skills and take more effective actions. Sometimes they work at the level of reframing, challenging their people to reshape their patterns of thinking. Seldom do leaders, however, work with their people at the transformational level, creating a shift in context or point of view about themselves. Hargrove articulates the goal of transformational learning as follows:

Transformational (Triple-Loop) Learning involves transforming who we are by creating a shift in our context or point of view about ourselves. This is what I refer to as "stepping into a parallel universe." Something that we thought and felt (and had manifested in our behavior) has come into question. We may feel exhilarated, stunned, shocked, humiliated, disoriented, and/or depressed at points during this process. The change may happen gradually or all of a sudden. But in this particular context, we will never be the same (there are other contexts by which we operate and which are still open areas for exploring assumptions, etc.).


To take advantage of triple loop learning when working with individuals or groups, Hargrove recommends asking yourself the following three questions:

1. Does the person need to switch a way of being or role, perhaps becoming a leader instead of a manager?

2. Does the person have ways of thinking that are leading to an ability to solve the problem or to misfired actions?

3. Does the person need a tip on how to do the same thing better?

Where can you employ the triple-loop model in your work? Is there a situation right now where you're stuck in one loop? How might you reframe the situation or change your definition of self? I look forward to your comments, insights or feedback about this article - just click reply and type them directly into this email.


Masterful Coaching, by Robert Hargrove

I found Hargrove's book inspiring, insightful, and useful. I had read his first book - which was pivotal for me in creating my own coaching business-- and have found that he has taken this work to another level-a very compelling, as well as easy read. The two parts that I found most applicable to my own coaching clients were his step-by-step approach to coaching executives and the part on creating a "laboratory" that fosters collaboration within a group. I was able to bring these principles to a client who was wowed by what we were able to generate for her business. I would recommend this book to any coach, internal and external to a company, as well as to any leader who wants to create an "impossible future."
--Jeff Griffin--

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Exploring the Landscape of Learning

- What is "Learning?" Who Learns? Who teaches?
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- The Content/Process Paradox

Changing the Paradigm
- Shift from Director to Guide
- "Ability to do" vs. Info delivery
- Shifts for students and for teachers
- Relating to shifts in worldviews
- From curriculum development to needs assessment

Becoming a Learning Facilitator
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- Tools and Tactics

Learning Models
- Temperaments
- VAK Attack
- Learning Cycle
- Multiple Intelligences
- Habit Model
- Brain-Based Learning
- Communities of Practice
- KOLB Learning Cycle
- Instructional Events
- The Art of the Question
- Open Space Technology


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