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Dear friends,

Often in our work as facilitators, coaches, trainers, and consultants, we encounter individuals who are stuck emotionally in one behavior pattern or another and the nature of the group and your role in it may allow for an intervention designed to release it. This week's article entitled, "Healing Polarities by Embracing What We Least Want," was submitted by my friend and fellow coach, Richard Ross. It offers a simple but effective process you can use on yourself or with your clients, individually or en masse, to help them release emotional barriers.
Richard is also our guest at our next expert interview coming next Thursday, January 19th at 1:00 PM ET. See details after the article.

Also to enhance your intervention skills in heated situations, we're offering a new teleclass this month with authors and trainers Dee Kelsey and Pam Plumb of
Great Meetings! Inc. Details of their new 5-day teleclass, "Putting Out Brush Fires," are included at the end of this week's article. Please join us for this new offering to kick of the new year with new perspectives on handling those most difficult situations you face in groups.

Have a great week!

Steve Davis


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The Point

Healing Polarities by Embracing What We Least Want
A simple process to facilitate the release of negative patterns

Self-Facilitation Skill

In various writings about emotional issues in people’s lives, you have probably seen reference to the term polarity, as well as the term shadow. One way to notice when we have a polarity within our lives is when we have an unwanted situation that never seems to completely heal or resolve.

This is often because we have a fixed, negatively charged, viewpoint about our situation (or about someone close to us).

Another way of explaining this phenomenon is to say that, with every unwanted issue in our life (fear, trauma, limiting belief & stuck situation), we always have a strong aversion to that situation. In other words, we have a lot of negative energy and judgment around being in that situation, or in having that issue. If it is a big issue, we dislike it immensely, and we dislike the fact that we are in it.

All of this is pretty obvious, isn't it? You may be wondering "so, what's the big deal".

Here is my belief, and it may seem somewhat unconventional. I believe that it's often our negative energy ABOUT being IN the unwanted situation that helps to KEEP us stuck in it. When we have a lot of judgment about our problem, we have created an energy dynamic that can, and usually does, keep it literally locked in place.

Here is a short and simple exercise I created, that will help loosen the grip of any unwanted situation, or issue, in your life. It is simple, but it does take a degree of openness and courage.
I encourage you to try it, but only if it feels right to do so.

Incidentally, the more negative charge you have about the issue, the more profound and positive will be the result of this exercise. So pick a situation or issue you Really DON'T WANT!

Warning: If you presently in therapy or under the care of a professional practitioner, DO NOT do this exercise without first obtaining their permission.


An exercise in healing polarities by embracing what we least want.

1) Get into a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. Take a full breath in and out.

2) Spend a few moments thinking about the UNWANTED situation. Fully feel and experience the situation, and feel the negativity of the situation. Feel how you want it to be gone! Do this ONLY for a few moments. You may want to have your eyes closed when you are doing this part, and then closed again when you are doing steps 3 and 5 that follow.

3) After you have "felt" the issue, or unwanted situation, spend a minute imagining yourself EMBRACING the unwanted issue, or unwanted situation. Feel yourself APPRECIATING the problem, and ENJOYING the problem, LOVING the problem, just the way it is, totally free of all judgment about it. Make the feelings very real. Do this part for about a minute or two, or longer as it feels comfortable to do so.

4) Take a full breath in and out.

5) Now spend a few moments thinking about the DESIRED POSITIVE situation instead. In other words, what you IDEALLY WANT in your life in place of the old issue. Imagine yourself EMBRACING the desired situation. Feel yourself APPRECIATING and ENJOYING the desired result. Now make it even BETTER. Make it even MORE JOYFUL! Do this part for about a minute or two, or longer as it feels comfortable to do so.

6) Take another full breath in and out.

7) Reflect on the original issue again and notice whether you have released any of the original intensity, or if it has diminished. If there has not been a positive change, it probably means you need to make the step 3 feelings MORE real. Go through the complete process again with that in mind.
If this brief exercise has had a positive effect, consider trying it on something else.

About the Author.
Richard Ross is the developer of the Emotional Freedom & Healing modalities and he supports his clients in quickly moving past longstanding issues and seeming limitations, and living a more joyful, fulfilled life. You can learn more about Richard, his practice, and his free newsletter, by visiting him at


Do the above exercise on a. Let me know what happens, I'd love to hear from you.

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This call is both a learning and an experiential process, offering both an introduction to Emotional Freedom Modalities, as well as an opportunity to experience the power of this work using your own personal issues. Through a powerful guided session on this call, you may work on releasing old painful memories, allowing abundance and prosperity in your life, healing your relationships with loved ones and others, being a better facilitator, or eliminating any unwanted beliefs that prevent you from becoming a full expression of who you are.

Bring your personal issue(s) to the call, and be assured that you will not be asked to reveal or discuss your issues. You will receive the full benefit of this work simply by your participation, intention, and focus to release your particular challenge.

Note: This is NOT simply the basic Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) process you may have seen offered elsewhere. Richard's work draws on EFT and a wide range of cutting edge emotional release processes. This guided sample session can shift, on the spot, your entire concept of what you are capable of in your work and in your life.

Attend this live, one-hour tele-seminar with Richard Ross and Steve Davis on Thursday, January 19th at 1:00 PM EST (NY Time). Besides the experiential component, some of the points we'll discuss are...

Who are you and what do you do in your Mentoring and Healing Practice?

Where do these healing modalities come from, and how is your work different from coaching, or traditional therapies and other counseling methods?

What kinds of "issues or situations" can be transformed with this work, and typically how long might it take? How can it specifically help Facilitators, Trainers, and Group Leaders?

Is your work more useful or effective with particular kinds of situations, or with clients having certain belief systems?

Are there any other reasons why so many of us often have difficulty healing old negative patterns and/or reaching new goals?

Do I need to know the original cause of the issue (the core belief(s)) in order to heal, release, or clear something?

Will the participants on this call leave the session with any tools or methods that they can then use on their own to further their healing?

A personal experience of EF&H you can apply to any emotional issue that's present for you.

Here's what a recent participant said:

Last nights' class was awesome for me. You touched directly on the issues I brought with, forgiveness & anger. I do not have a number [scale of intensity] I can give those issues now...I feel very peaceful today. I am in a 12-step program & had been working on those issues for 2 yrs now.
---Gayle V.


Free 25-minute MP3 Audio "Releasing Resistance." This is a powerful guided process, that can be used to release resistance in any area of one's life, where one wishes to move ahead. Also included is a preparation email, that tells the you how to get the most out of the process.

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Emotional Release Training

In the near future Richard Ross will offer a "live" teleclass training in a full range of energy healing and release modalities. The series will be a one-hour weekly, six-week teleclass program, rich in content,
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Richard says "As we begin the New Year, many of us are feeling a strong desire to become more aligned with our true life purpose. For most of us this means more fully expressing all of our gifts and abilities in our life and our work."

Enrollment will be limited to a maximum of 18, to assure personal support and attention. For advance information and details, send a blank email to with Subject: "Training".

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In the Spotlight

Putting Out Brush Fires...

How to intervene in
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January 23rd - 27th, 2006, 10:00 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM Eastern (NY Time),
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The Teleclass...

Do non-stop talkers, silent groups or dramatic conflicts ever knock your meetings off track? These meeting situations take a toll on a group’s ability to work together and cost time and money. This 5 hour teleclass, taught by Dee Kelsey and Pam Plumb, authors of Great Meetings! Great Results, will increase your ability to know when and how to intervene effectively in difficult situations to get your meetings back on track. You will find the course Putting out Brush Fires: Intervening in Difficult Situations to be highly interactive. Each class includes a short content presentation, discussion, demonstration, participant exercise, debrief, and discussion of application. This course if for anyone who facilitates, manages, teaches, mediates, coaches, counsels, directs any group.

Benefits to you for participating in this Training...

Increase your ability to know when and how to intervene in difficult situations.
2. Get practice and coaching on your intervention skills to internalize your ability to intervene.
3. Gain confidence to manage challenges with ease so your meetings will be more productive and more fun.
4. A chance to work through the specific kinds of issues you face with the experts
5. Collaborate and learn from a community of your peers, all passionate about empowering groups.

How the Training works...
1. You dial into your class every day for a 60 minute focused training segment using a conferencing bridge.
2. You work through a learning/resource workbook which accompanies the class including practice assignments after each session.
4. You will have the opportunity to discuss issues on the subject matter with your classmates via a listserve during the course.
5. You have access to the instructors via email for help on specific situations.

Putting Out Brushfires Training Agenda...
Here's what you'll be learning and doing during the course...

Day one: Introduction to each other and the course

  • What is a “brush fire”?
  • Why does intervention matter?
  • What are our values for framing interventions?

Day two: Know yourself and assess the situation

  • Staying grounded in the face of difficult situations
    • Gaining insight into your personal reactions to brush fires
    • Knowing how to get and stay grounded
  • Assessing the situation
    • Introduction of the Great Meetings! Intervention model
    • What to look for when considering an intervention
    • What questions to ask to determine if an intervention is needed

Day three: Step into the situation: interrupting

  • Different ways to intervene
  • Interrupting as one key tool
    • Cultural and personal frames on interrupting
    • The Art of interrupting
  • Application of the technique to your own situations

Day Four: Step into the situation: other intervention options

  • Review of Intervention model
  • Examples of other interventions
  • Choosing the right intervention
  • Choosing the right level of intervention
  • Application of the techniques to your own situations

Day Five: Help the group move on and prepare to prevent difficulties

  • Moving on from the intervention
    • Understanding what the group needs
    • Choosing tools
  • Good preparation: essential to preventing difficulties
  • Parking lot issues
  • Questions and answers
  • Wrap up and final evaluation

Also included with your training...
In addition to the training described above, you also receive:
1. A downloadable version of the book, Great Meetings! ($25 value) and a 20-page workbook to serve as resources in the future ($15 value)
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- Steps for negotiating conflict in a group.
- Meeting Assessment checklist: Questions to ask during the client interview.

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Your instructors

About Dee Kelsey. Dee has been facilitating groups since her teenage years. She turned her early interests into more formal work both as a trainer and personnel representative at Hewlett Packard and as a mediator and trainer of mediators for the city of Palo Alto, California. In addition to her work with Great Meetings! Inc, she has been principal of Dee Kelsey and Associates since 1985. She has worked nationally to provide organizational development, facilitation, process consultation, mediation, and training services to hundreds of clients ranging from small work groups to large corporations.

About Pam Plumb.
Pam discovered during her years as a City Councilor and Mayor of Portland that effective meeting planning and facilitation made a big difference in meeting outcomes In 1991, she created Pamela Plumb & Associates which serves a wide range of non-profit organizations, businesses and government organizations with process design, facilitation, training and organizational development. She is known internationally for her process work and training in municipal governance.

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