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This week we look at the idea of modularizing your workshops and trainings. Most workshops or trainings, whether they last an hour or all week, are typically divided into easily digestible modules that last anywhere from one to three hours each. This week's article, Modularize Your Workshops, provides tips for doing just that.

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A Call for Workshop Modules

This week we're asking for you to share workshop and training modules you've designed and would be willing to share with other facilitators and trainers. All those who contribute will receive the entire collection. See details after the article below.

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The Point

Modularize Your Workshops
 Break your workshops into "bite-sized pieces

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People learn and digest information best when it's delivered in "bite-sized" chunks over relatively short periods of time. Dividing lengthy trainings and workshops into modules of one hour or so in length facilitates both the learning achieved by your participants, but also the design of the workshop itself. Refer to the following tips when modularizing your workshops.


Tip for modularizing your workshops include the following:

  • Break workshop into 60-90 minutes segments. This allows breaks in between segments and makes each segment easier to design and deliver.

  • Assign a theme to each segment. This clarifies the focus of participants attention on this theme throughout the segment and serves as a design guide for you.
  • Define discrete object ives. Each segment should contain no more than three discrete objectives you aim to attain by the end of the session which you make clear to the participants at the outset.

  • Include interactive elements. Use experiential activities to involve all participants and appeal to all learning styles. This brings more energy, learning, and life to your workshops.

  • Include an action or application element in each segment. This helps participants integrate and apply what they've learned or discovered.

  • Include inspirational elements. Including quotes, stories, and other emotional elements are more likely to inspire participants to integrate and act on what they learn, as well as making your workshops for interesting and fun.

Apply these principles in your next workshop design. Have we missed anything? If so, please email us and let us know.

Reader Survey

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Workshop and Seminar Modules

This week, we're looking for workshop or seminar modules that you've developed and used in prior workshops, that you'd be willing to share with other facilitators and trainers. These can be on any subject but should be between one and three hours in length. Examples include: time management, project management, communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, change, etc. Click here for an example module for a two-hour Time & Life Management Seminar to help you understand what we're looking for. If you submit your module, we'll send you copies of all those we collect. Please email your responses to us. Thanks!
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