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Dear friends,

This week, I want to introduce you to
the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) at This is the global professional association for Facilitators providing an abundant store of resources for new and advanced facilitators. I've been a member for three years now and we recently established a strategic alliance with them that offers members a 30% discount on IAF membership, and vice versa.

The Improvisational Facilitator Teleclass Returns--Early registration incentive ends tomorrow.

Sue Walden and I will be leading another session of the 5-day teleclass, "The Improvisational Facilitator," the week of September 12th. I'm always thrilled to be offering this class where we'll present powerful, practical improv techniques you can use to immediately enhance your facilitation, training, and group leadership skills. This class is very interactive and uses many innovative experiential activities that will surely surprise you. I'm really looking forward to stepping through this process with you and hope to see many of you there. Register by tomorrow, August 31st for a $10 discount. Click here for details.

Have a great week!

Steve Davis


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Starts Sept 12th
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Miracle Meetings Ebook
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The Point

International Association of Facilitators
 Network, train, and collaborate with the world's largest organization for facilitators.


Self-Facilitation Skill

The International Association of Facilitators is an excellent resource for those of you interested in staying current in the field of facilitation. They provide an abundant store of resources for new and advanced facilitators. There stated missions is included below:

The IAF promotes, supports and advances the art and practice of professional facilitation through methods exchange, professional growth, practical research, collegial networking and support services.

They offer comprehensive training and certification for facilitators, and their yearly membership includes access to over 1,000 articles and papers, a free listing in their directory, access to topical listserves, participation in think tanks, conference discounts and more.

Check out their full listing of benefits below.


Opportunities Available through Membership in the IAF

IAF strives to offer opportunities for anyone interested in facilitation to increase their expertise on many levels. Hands-on sessions are offered at each conference along with specialized presentations. Use of the Membership Directory, participation on IAF taskforces, attendance at IAF conferences, communication on the GRP-FACL listserv and others, provide ways to directly contact and dialogue with other facilitators.

IAF members are characteristically open to sharing their learnings and expertise, as well as mentoring others. The global nature of IAF affords the possibility of interchange and networking with colleagues from diverse locations and cultural backgrounds.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Network with Colleagues. Members interact with other colleagues at the global conference, regional conferences and geographic facilitator networks. IAF listserves and website communities are open to all members. Members easily keep in contact using the online Member Directory. IAF members are characteristically open to sharing their learnings and expertise, as well as mentoring others. The global nature of IAF affords the possibility of interchange and networking with colleagues from diverse locations and cultural backgrounds.

  • Professional Certification. The IAF Certified Profession Facilitator (CPF) is a credential giving others evidence of your demonstrated facilitation skills.

  • IAF Book Series. The IAF is developing a series of books designed to offer Facilitators, Managers and Leaders insights in the profession. The first of these, The IAF Handbook on Group Facilitation, edited by Sandor Schuman is on sale now. Other books are in preparation. Please check the Online Store for these books.

  • Access to Information. IAF provides information on a myriad of facilitation and related topics via its website - Information ranges from news to downloads of specific materials through links to related sites and information in English and Spanish.

  • Skills Development. IAF offers a variety of opportunities to develop and sharpen your skills through preconference and concurrent sessions offered in conferences around the world. These include topics ranging from methods for beginning facilitators, specific skills for all levels, advanced sessions by experts in the field and think tankss

  • Regional Affiliates and Regional Conferences. Members are provided easy access and up to date information about local networks and have the opportunity to participate in regional conferences in Europe, Latin America, the Far East, Australia, and other global locations.

  • Career Resources. The IAF website provides a convenient way for people who either need or provide facilitation services to connect with each other. Organizations can post their in-house or contract facilitation job opportunities and members can post their consulting information. The IAF website also provides links to members’ websites for ease of contact.

  • Member Discounts. All members receive special rates on IAF-published materials, conference registrations, preconference workshops and certification. Developing countries and groups are also eligible for special rates.

  • Distinguish Yourself Professionally. Members can utilize and strengthen their leadership skills by serving on the Association Coordinating Team - ACT (the board of directors), participating in the many IAF professional and service projects, becoming a certification assessor and contributing to IAF publications.

  • Member Website Space. All members can have a free space on the IAF website to describe their facilitation services. (coming soon)

  • Influence the Future of the Facilitation Profession. Facilitation is a growing discipline. Participation in IAF sponsored programs is shaping facilitation.

  • Contribute to the Community. IAF’s Community Outreach Strategic Initiative and the new Global Facilitators Service Corps (GFSC) alliance support IAF's core values and provide avenues for service.

Visit their website at: for more info on the organization. Click here for benefits of becoming a member. If you're ready to join, click here.


This week, review your involvement in professional associations. Do you feel you could benefit from more or less involvement? How could you better focus your energies in this arena for maximal benefit to all concerned? I'd love to hear you're perspectives on this. Please email us your comments.

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In the Spotlight

The Improvisational Facilitator

Improv is easier than you think...after all, your life is already an improv!

Learn improv techniques to become a more effective facilitator, trainer, and group leader


September 12th-16, 2005, 10:00 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM Eastern (NY Time), 75 minutes/day.

I've been to lots of teleclasses but have never done offline partner exercises like this and they worked great, they really heightened the learning. Excellent resource book too!

The Improvisational Facilitator Teleclass...

The inner attitudes of facilitators, trainers, and leaders is the key to their success with groups. However, very few trainings address the development of those inner qualities that can make a good leader great. That's why I'm thrilled to be offering this class where we'll present powerful, practical improv techniques that are actually inner attitudes and practices that you can use to immediately enhance your facilitation, training, and group leadership skills.

This dynamic teleclass, led by master trainer, Sue Walden, is for anyone who facilitates, manages, teaches, mediates, coaches, counsels, directs any group. This highly interactive course provides an experiential approach using very novel exercises to help you build the skills to create an environment for participation; one that encourages openness and risk-taking for you and groups.

Benefits to you of participating from this Improv Training...

1. Gain tools that will help you relax and have a lot more fun with your groups.
2. Learn simple strategies that will help you to be more open and flexible to the specific and dynamic needs of your groups.
. Be able to connect whatever people share to the group purpose or theme.
4. Get a lot more comfortable being "in the moment" with your groups..
5. You won't panic when you "lose your place."
6. Come to enjoy dealing with the "unexpected" in your groups.
7. Never have speaker's block again.
8. Discover reservoirs of creativity within you that you didn't know existed.
9. Collaborate and learn from a community of your peers, all passionate about empowering groups.

How the Training works...
1. You dial into your class every day for a 75-90 minute focused training segment using a conferencing bridge.
2. Several times we will leave the bridge line for short 8-12 minute periods to give you the opportunity to engage in short exercises with a partner to practice and deepen your skills.
3. You work through a learning/resource workbook which accompanies the class including practice assignments after each session.
4. You will have the opportunity to discuss issues on the subject matter with the instructors and your classmates via an online listserve during the course.
5. During the course, you may access the instructors via email for help or situational questions.

Improvisational Facilitator Training Agenda...
Here's what you'll be learning and doing during the course...

Being present to your natural creativity

  • Overview
  • Introducing the Parking Lot
  • Awareness experience
  • What is your default facilitation skill set?
  • Improv Core Skills that support facilitation
  • Exploring 1st Core Skill: Present Time
  • The "Voice Mirror," a simple and powerful listening tool
  • Facilitation Applications

Building the "muscle" that encourages participation

  • Check in on practice assignment
  • Explore 2nd Core Skill: Openness
  • Experiencing the look and feel of openness
  • Building the openness “muscle”
  • The "Yes and..." approach
  • Facilitation Applications

Making flexibility a way of being

  • Check in about practice assignment
  • Explore 3rd Core Skill: Flexibility
  • Combining Being Present and Open to become more flexible
  • Identify unexpected challenges in facilitating
  • Building the options and possibilities “muscle”
  • Facilitation Applications

Witnessing the magic

  • Check in about practice assignment
  • Introduce “The Observer”
  • Apply Core Skills to self
  • Getting present with self
  • Quiet the inner critic
  • Think on your feet
  • Be aware of your language
  • Facilitation Applications

Further applications and applied Improv

  • Check in about practice assignment
  • Explore other applications of Improv Core Skills
  • Emptying the Parking Lot
  • Q & A with the Applied Improv Process

Also included with your training...
In addition to the training described above, you also receive:
1. Free Learning/Resource Workbook ($20 value) to help you drill down deep and master the art of improv for use in facilitation, training, leadership, and group work.
2. Free access to the RealAudio version of the training ($69 value).
3. Free pre-recorded one-hour real audio teleclass, "The Art of Improv in Facilitation, featuring Izzy Gesell, who discusses the use of humor and improvisational theater techniques as facilitation tools.($20 value).
4. Articles and resources around using Improv in leadership and facilitation:
__- Collection of humor and improv resources.
__- The Six Paradoxes of Improv. Six paradoxes that will help free you to be a better facilitator
____and trainer.
__- Leadership Through Improv. Article on how Improv techniques can be applied to leadership.

The full cost of training/access is only $99 including the free items ( worth $109) listed above. Everything you read about above is included. And, we offer a 100%-satisfaction-guaranteed guarantee.

Early registration discount. Register by August 31 for only $89.

Immediately upon completion of your registration, you will receive an email with instructions to access the course and free article bank. This course is limited to 20 individuals on a first come basis.

I really enjoyed the Improv class. Great material, excellent delivery including the opportunities to "try it out" in partner settings. --Sandy Brown, Facilitator, Intel Corporation--


September 12-16 (M-F), 2005, 10:00 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM Eastern (NY Time), 75 minutes each day.

Please click here to register.

Self-Guided Real Audio Version
If you'd like to learn this material at your own pace and on your own schedule, you can purchase the real audio version of this teleclass complete with the learning guide. You'll be provided with access to recorded offerings of the five-hour teleclass (5 hours total) that you can listen to online and follow along in the learning guide is used in the live class. Click here to purchase for $69.

(Real Audio Only)

Click here to purchase the
Real Audio Version for $69

Self-Guided 5-Day CD Version
The Compact Disk (CD) version comes with all of the self-guided features listed above, together with 5 CD's you'll receive by mail that you can listen to anywhere you have access to a CD player. Click here to purchase for $79.

(CD's and Real Audio Only)

Click here to purchase the CD Version for $79

plus $4 Shipping and Handling Membership Option

Become a member of premium member and register for this teleclass at half price in addition to a host of other items and benefits. An exceptional value. Click here for details.

One-Day Live Version

Interested in a one-day "live" version of this class offered to your group? Email us to discuss options.

Your instructors

Sue Walden. Sue Walden is the Founder and Director of ImprovWorks, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building Life Skills through Improvisation. Her experience includes a BA in Education and 26 years of teaching, performing and adapting and widely applying the techniques of improvisation. She approaches improv training as a powerful and joyful way to peel away constraints, restraints and inhibitions, allowing the naturally expressive, collaborative and creative self to emerge.

Sue is a skilled teacher in ImprovWorks' public workshop program, a dynamic corporate facilitator, an engaging speaker, an author (Working with Groups to Enhance Relationships, Whole Person Assoc.), the delightful "Playmeister" of both the public and corporate Recess! programs, the director and a regular performer with San Francisco's longest-running improvisational theater company, "Flash Family". She has been a member of the Specialty Staff for the year-long Co-Active Leadership Program since its inception eight years ago.

Her current passion is training trainers and consulting on how to design powerful experiential workshops. Sue promises that, in any of her programs, while the learning may be challenging, it will also be fun!

Steve Davis.
Steve Davis, M.A., M.S., is an Facilitator's Coach, Infoprenuer, and free-lance human, helping facilitators, organizational leaders, educators, trainers, coaches and consultants present themselves confidently, access their creativity, empower their under-performing groups, enhance their facilitation skills, and build their business online and offline.

Steve spends most of his time building and running He also publishes a weekly ezine for facilitators called, the Master Facilitator Journal, continues to write ebooks, design teleclasses, and maintain a part-time coaching practice. His breadth of experience spans business, corporate management, engineering, teaching, spiritual psychology, and wellness, offering a pragmatic yet creative coaching foundation. To learn more about Steve, visit his website at

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If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with this package, simply email us with a request to refund/credit your credit card in the full amount and we will do so immediately. It's our policy to do this and we honor this in every single case. This policy completely removes the buying risk for you and keeps our customer-satisfaction rates extremely high.

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