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Dear friends,

This week, we continue last week's theme of facilitating full participation with another checklist. This one is for you, instead of your participants, and reminds you of those actions you can take and skills you can develop to further inspire participation in your groups.

This inventory is yet another among the 25 other checklists included with the new Facilitator's Checklist Collection offered at the end of this issue. We hope you'll try this out and let us know how it works. Also note that this collection is just one of the many resources offered to our members in addition to other resources such as the facilitator's guide, "Getting Full Participation," as well as many others. Click here to check out all of the annual membership features and benefits.

Have a great week!

Steve Davis


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The Point

Help Participants Participate (part II)
Develop the skills to stimulate full participation

Group Process Skill

One of the most pervasive concerns of group leaders and facilitators is, "How do I get everyone to participate in the solution-finding and decision-making processes we're engaged in?" This is particularly challenging when leaders are holding a meeting of subordinates afraid to speak up and possibly disagree with the boss.

There are many things we can do that we've covered in detail in previous issues and that we'll continue to revisit in the future. Last week we offered a simple checklist to inspire and remind participants of the things they can do to be more involved in groups. Today, we're offering another checklist for you, the facilitator or meeting leader, to remind you of the things you can do, or learn to do, to get better participation. Let us know how this works for you.



Instructions: Circle "1" if Not True, "2" if sometimes True, "3" if very True. Total your 'score.'
Go for a perfect 30.
1 2 3
1. I strive to provide multi-mode activities to accommodate visual, aural, and kinesthetic participants.
1 2 3
2. I provide ample space and time in my groups for people to share their relevant insights and experiences.
1 2 3
3. I arrange the physical environment to support full participation in my groups.
1 2 3
4. I present an inviting, safe, and encouraging presence that stimulates participation.
1 2 3
5. I deliver what I promise to deliver to my groups or get their consent when adjustments are called for.
1 2 3
6. I facilitate in such a way that I am personally interested and engaged in the process and content.
1 2 3
7. I can tell when something is off in my groups and check in with them to find out what needs to be done to correct it.
1 2 3
8. I am comfortable using silence in my groups as necessary to increase participation.
1 2 3
9. I have assorted tools and activities I can draw on to facilitate full participation.
1 2 3
10. I know how to build trust among group members.
__ __ __
Total Score = ____ Go for 30!


Try out this inventory when you facilitate your next group and see how it improves participation.
Please let us know what happens.

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