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Dear friends,

As facilitators and trainers used to participating in groups from the front of the room, we sometimes assume that our participants know what it means to fully participate. This may not be the whole truth, as is often the case with assumptions. Further, participants' good intentions to remain fully involved and engaged may dim as the workshop or training progresses over time.

One of the tools I find useful to remedy these concerns is the Participant's Full Participation Inventory. This is a simple checklist I that gives participants the opportunity to check in with themselves on their current level of participation and to give them some ideas on increasing it. This checklist serves as a great reminder about what participants can do to better participate in groups and it offers the opportunity for them to increase their level of involvement.

In this week's issue, we include this simple inventory. This is one of the 25 other checklists included with the new Facilitator's Checklist Collection offered at the end of this issue. We hope you'll try this out with your groups and let us know how it works. Also note that this collection is just one of the many resources offered to our members. Click here to check out all of the annual membership features and benefits.

Have a great week!

Steve Davis


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The Point

Help participants participate
Using the full participation checklist to spark involvement

Group Process Skill

When we ask participants to commit to full participation in our groups and trainings, we may be asking for things our group isn't familiar with or has forgotten about. Further, even when participants know what to do to fully engage, with all their best intentions, they sometimes simply forget what it is they intended to do. At times, when participating in a group meeting, a training workshop, or some other event, it's easy to forget our intentions to be fully involved and engaged to get all we came for.

One of the tools I find useful is the Participant's Full Participation Inventory. This is a simple checklist I hand out or email to participants at the beginning or sometimes mid-way through a training to give them the opportunity to check in with themselves on their current level of participation and to give them some ideas on increasing it. I encourage them to make commitments to action that will increase their scores on this over the coming sessions. I find that this checklist serves as a great reminder about what participants can in fact do to better participate in groups and offers the opportunity for them to step up their involvement a notch or two.



Instructions: Circle NT if Not True, T if sometimes True, VT if very True. Total your 'score.' Go for a perfect 30.
1 2 3
1. I put forth my best effort at all times within this group, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
1 2 3
2. I voice any barriers I experience, both inner and outer, that might impede my full engagement in the group.
1 2 3
3. I ask for clarification if I don't understand an activity or a request for participation.
1 2 3
4. I interact with other participants with respect and encouragement.
1 2 3
5. When sharing with the group, I speak what's true for me to the best of my ability without qualification.
1 2 3
6. I practice keeping my attention in the present moment.
1 2 3
7. I gladly volunteer when volunteers are asked for.
1 2 3
8. I make space for and encourage others to contribute besides myself.
1 2 3
9. I reflect on how I can use what I learn in the group in my life and work as relevant.
1 2 3
10. I complete the action items I commit to.
__ __ __
Total Score = ____ Go for 30!


Try out this inventory on your next group and see how it improves participation.
Please let us know what happens.

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