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Dear friends,

We celebrate the world's most enduring accomplishments as a result of like minds having come together to act with elegant focus on a common cause. Over the past four years, has been modeling and teaching the art and science of group facilitation skills that make these kinds of accomplishments possible in groups worldwide. We've distilled the collective wisdom of thousands of change agents in over 94 countries into a collection of easily accessible group leadership tools, training, and resources. Even those with little experience can use to help lead groups to accomplish great things.

And now, after three years building our network of 7,000 readers in 94 countries, and our growing collection of virtual products and services, we are excited to announce the launch of the annual membership!
Please join us to build the largest and best virtual university for group workers worldwide. This week's issues briefly chronicles the history of this momentous journey and later desribes the benefits and features of our membership offerings.

Have a great week!

Steve Davis


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Feature Membership Launches

My Story

If you are new to this journal, I want you to know that this is the first article I've run since its inception that has not been about some practical tip, tool, or resource for group workers. And to all readers, I thank you for your support and I look forward to sharing my story with you today, around the process behind my work. So join me for a brief excursion into the history, mission, vision, and process that has led us to a milestone today--the launch of our new membership site,, home of a plethora of tools and resources, and an invitation to join us expanding this work in a bigger way.

Just over four years ago, while working with Thomas Leonard at, I was inspired by his brilliance, energy, and passion for the community-building potential of ezine publication and the training possibilities of virtual universities in the coaching arena. At the same time, I had a growing interest in group facilitation skills, and quickly realized that I could apply these virtual training vehicles to my growing passion for training group facilitators.

So four years ago, I published the first issue of the Master Facilitator Journal. Since then, the journal has been my weekly beacon. It's unceasing hunger for content constitutes an environment where I'm compelled and inspired to create a new perspective, skill, resource, and experience that may help you, my readers, the world's agents for change. Your responses, questions, suggestions, and feedback ultimately keeps me doing this week after week. Your support serves as an encouragement and an inspiration to continue learning and growing in this field.

Your responses to my journal, coupled with my love for technology and information led to my vision for a virtual university for leaders and change agents. This idea seemed exciting to me and I believed in the need. So I began building, one virtual brick at a time.

During the past three years, we've steadily developed guidebooks, teleclasses, interviews, forums, listserves, and other resources to form the core of a membership offering that would be an obvious choice for those serious about being better group leaders or participants. Given that my readers come from diverse fields such as teaching, training, consulting, clergy, counseling, coaching, management, and of course, facilitation, I've kept a comprehensive focus on the kinds of content we develop. Yet I assert that the same basic skills are needed just about anywhere people come together to accomplish something important. I believe some of the most important shifts are those that can be, well, "facilitated" seems to be the best word here,
by expanding the practice of facilitation skills in business, government, education, and communities worldwide--our mission at FacilitatorU.

Radical trends happening in our major institutions demand the mastery of facilitation skills and attitudes to help us work together far more effectively. This is critical to navigate the rapid change occurring right now. We see the following shifts already happening and we are committed to supporting you through our mission:

  • In Government...from Democracy to Cooperacy...where someday people will use the skills we know to tap group synergy and build consensus rather than resorting to the practice of voting to make important societal decisions.
  • In Business...from Command and Control to Servant Leadership...where the ego of our leaders in the most transformative institution ever devised on this planet, the corporation, might be applied to create value in such a way that everyone wins.
  • In Education...from Teaching to Learning Facilitation...where students are treated as customers and teachers serve to learn and align with student interests, desires, and real needs in such a way that inspired learning happens naturally and joyfully.
  • In Communities...from Passive Follower to Empowered Participant...where the public at large shift their energies from fighting each other over who should be made responsible, to being responsible themselves and essentially, to become the change they seek.

Granted, these shifts are huge and seem daunting, yet, I believe they are essential and already happening to some degree. Given that all great visions are seldom fully reached, let's let these serve as beacons to light our way. Knowing that you represent 7,000 readers in 94 countries, I feel in good company, and am honored to ask you to join me in moving this vision forward. Join us in the launch of the Membership!

Complete details on this membership follow. Join us to build the largest and best virtual university for group workers worldwide. Thanks for your continued support and for the great work you do helping to transform the world, one group at a time!
I salute you...


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In the Spotlight Membership Launched Today!

After three years building our network of 7,000 readers in 94 countries, and our growing collection of virtual products and services, we're excited to announce the launch of the annual membership offering!

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For the first three months of this launch, we're offering a highly discounted price for each three different membership package. We're doing this for three reasons:

1) We seek to build our membership into the thousands as quickly as possible to increase opportunities for member collaboration and synergy, and to support the continual growth of member benefits.
2) Our mission is to support group change agents worldwide with economically accessible tools and resources.
3) We always seek to offer value that far outweighs the cost simply as a matter of principle.

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  • The wisdom and experience of a growing number of recordings of specialized experts in the field.
  • Use our articles to augment your training programs and group work.
  • Access a growing library of online tools, ebooks, and other resources to make your job easier.
  • Make yourself visible to others who visit this site looking for your talent.
  • Keep your skills up-to-date and your passion enlivened with regular contact with other change agents leading positive change and constructive action worldwide.


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