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Dear friends,

I recently designed and help a special 5-day teleclass on meeting facilitation for the UN AIDS program out of Geneva. Working with this group of brilliant, multi-cultural, change agents was inspiring and challenging. It was difficult to grasp the full complexity of their challenges as facilitators. They deal every day with groups representing multiple countries and organizations with radically different interests, power bases, and motivations. One of the things they urged me to do was to create simple worksheets or checklists that would help them touch all the bases in the midst of the chaos they often face in their meetings. So this week, I wanted to share with you a meeting facilitation checklist that I shared with them. I'd appreciate any feedback or comments that come to you once you review or use this checklist as I'd like to refine it over time to include important things that might be missing or in need of adjustment.

In this Issue:

Feature Article: Facilitator's Master Meeting Checklist

IAF Conference Announcement: IAF Conference in Tampa

Self-Guided Teleclasses: Secrets to Designing Dynamic Workshops from Scratch.

Have a great week!

Steve Davis


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Facilitator's Master Meeting Checklist
Review key components of group process to assure success.

The Point

Facilitation is a complex skill set and it's easy to miss a concept or two in the heat of group process Having a short list of key actions and perspectives to keep in mind before and even during a meeting can help you better support your groups.

This week, I've included a meeting facilitation checklist for your review. Please have a look at it and let me know how it might be useful to you and/or your clients. I'd appreciate any feedback you have once you review or use this checklist so that I can refine it over time to include important things that might be missing or in need of adjustment. I hope it serves you well.


Facilitator's Master Meeting Checklist
Use these guidelines to help you manage the complexities of integral group process.
Facilitative Environment
Group Agrees on Outcome Desired  
Effective Agenda is in place with group buy in  
Ground Rules Set and Buy In Achieved  
Meeting Roles Defined: Participant, Leader, Scribe, Facilitator, Other  
Manage Membership: Who Needs to be There and Who Doesn’t  
Appropriate Environment: Location, Layout, Physical Attributes, Comfort  
Summary of Data/Information available (1 page per item max)  
Group Memory Maintained  
Action Items Documented With Accountability (who and when)  
Process Management
Basic or Developmental Facilitation  
Consider Organizational Misalignments  
Manage Behaviors in Accordance with Ground Rules and Desired Outcomes  
Achieve Agreement on Process and Manage it  
Balance Task, Process, and Relationships  
Converge on Results  
Seek Full Participation: Invite, Incite, and Inspire  
Reveal Assumptions  
Shift Conflicts to Dilemmas  
Provide Teaching and Coaching on Skill Deficits  
Group Culture and Dynamics
Chose Processes that Align With Group Culture  
Speak to Developmental Levels Present  
Clarify Expectations  
Achieve Common Focus on Content  
Protect Members From Attack  
Manage for Effective Communication  
Acknowledge Progress and Celebrate Results  
Interior Management
Maintain Core Values: Valid information, Free and Informed Choice, Internal Commitment  
Uncover Personal Interests  
Manage Internal Value Conflicts  
Inspire Focused Attention  
Intervention Guidelines
Perform Macro Interventions Before Micro Interventions  
Impose Minimal Amount of Structure for Group to Accomplish its Task  
Intervene to Depth Required to Accomplish Task that Group is Willing to Commit its Energy  
Intervene on Established Patterns or Upon Ground Rule Violation  
Err on Toward Low Intensity to Minimize Group Dependence: Support, Persuade, Direct  


Review the checklist and try it out in a group. Please let us know how it works for you and if you have any suggestions that might improve it.
Please send us your comments.
IAF Conference Announcement

The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) has helped facilitators learn and grow a great deal over the years. The IAF conferences have been especially helpful in setting up a rich learning environment - and it's always rewarding in so many ways to spend time with colleagues. The IAF Global Conference will be held in Tampa, Florida this year - June 9 - 11, 2005.

An IAF conference is a truly unique experience. Come and join your colleagues for a great time together.
Click here to check out the Conference website which is open for registration. Download the conference schedule here which includes session names, presenters descriptions. You might print it out; so you can plan before you register and select your sessions.

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