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Dear friends,

Welcome to 2005. Though we can view this as just the start of yet another week, there's something about the yearly calendar expiring and a new one beginning that reminds us that time marches on, seemingly quicker the longer we're here. It reminds us that our time here is limited, and offers a great time to reflect on what's really important to us and reaffirm our commitments thereto.

With these thoughts in mind, I'd be remiss to not address the great devastation in Asia, and the potential hardship of which we can only imagine. Though I'm leery of businesses using disasters as yet another opportunity to bring attention to themselves, as the news unfolds, I realize the magnitude of what's happened over there is substantial and requires the attention of all conscious and fortunate ones. Yes it's easy to ignore being so comfortably far away. Yet if I am to respond with the heart of a facilitator, one who seeks to make living, working, and growing easier for others, then I'm called to do something. Even though I complain about the insufficiency of my cash flow and say "I can't afford to give to this," in light of what the Tsunami victims are facing, this response is indeed absurd. So I donated to the cause this morning.

Our article this week is a reprint from a note about the calling of facilitators in times like these from my friend Dr. Gilbert Brenson-Lazan from Bogota, Columbia. He's developed a Global Facilitator Service Corps providing volunteer facilitators to all parts of the globe in need of these skills. You can become a part of this group at their website:

In this Issue:

Feature Article: Facilitating Disaster Recovery

Personal Foundation Teleclass: New Personal Foundation Teleclass. Start the year by polishing and strengthening your core, providing a strong foundation on which to build a successful 2005.

Have a great week!

Steve Davis


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Facilitating Disaster Recovery
What can you do in the face of massive group trauma?

The Point

We have all been deeply affected by the scenes of massive death and destruction in Southeast Asia. I have received dozens of letters in the last few days from people around the world asking what can we do as facilitators, as professionals, as human beings.

It is important to recognize that at this moment and for a while to come, the need for direct relief aid is extremely urgent. The window of opportunity for an effective intervention in community and individual
psychosocial reconstruction will probably begin to appear within a few weeks. Here are some ideas to think about and act upon in the meantime.

  • If your live in the affected zone or have friends or colleagues living there, you can help them considerably by being sure they know about the IAF-GFSC (International Association of Facilitators-Global Facilitator Service Corps) disaster intervention manuals (for adults, for children and for facilitators and other professionals), as well as other materials in several languages that are available on the GFSC Website, English Language Virtual Library, for downloading without cost.

  • If you have professional contacts in the affected areas, you can put them in touch with GFSC (send me their names or ask them to visit the GFSC website). We have networks and contacts throughout the affected region and many concerned professionals do not know about the existence of others in their area. Our GFSC mission is to connect these people in order to develop and support local networks of volunteer facilitators that can help the communities potentialize their capacity to address their challenges and create sustainable solutions.

  • If you have a few hours a week to spare, you and your facilitator colleagues can sign up as GFSC Field Volunteers and participate without cost in our Mentored Pathways Program, in order to be prepared to help in the moment that help is needed. For more information and an electronic signup form, please go to our website:

  • If you wish to donate money for the immediate relief efforts, please be sure it goes to a reputable agency that will wisely administer it. You can check out any relief or aid agency at:

  • If you wish to support the GFSC psychosocial reconstruction efforts, very shortly we are going to have an urgent need for funds to develop and print materials and to transport them and the volunteers who will train others to use them, to the affected zone. Your donation is needed and will be greatly appreciated and well used. All donations are tax deductible in the United States and you can make your donation through our website:

  • In these early days of 2005, our prayers are with the millions upon millions of people affected by this tragedy of a magnitude unknown in our lifetime. Please help us generate effective actions to be part of the solutions. In moments like this I remember the words and the passionate voice of Dr. Saul Alinsky, the "dean" of community organization in the United States, when he cajoled us during a postgraduate seminar: "All that is really necessary for evil to triumph in our communities is for men and women of good will to do nothing".

Warm regards and my best wishes for you and yours in 2005.
Gilbert Brenson-Lazan,
Founder, Global Facilitator Service Corps

Contemplate how can you do your part in the relief effort? Please send us your comments.
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Steve Davis, M.A., M.S., is a former electrical engineer turned learning facilitator, life coach, and infopreneur. He publishes the weekly Master Facilitator Journal, founded, a Virtual University offering resources and training for groups workers, and has writes ebooks and programs. He coaches and trains individuals and organizations over the phone and in person in facilitation, business development, and personal growth. His breadth of experience spans business, corporate management, engineering, teaching, spiritual psychology, and wellness, offering a pragmatic yet creative coaching foundation. Visit his website at to learn more about him and his work.


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