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This week's article, "
Are Your Partnerships Shipshape?" was contributed by my friends Layne and Paul Cutright. It explores the fact that all good partnerships take ongoing maintenance, and they include a list of ten things you can do to maintain "enlightened" partnerships. These principles can apply to any form of partnership, whether we're speaking of business partners, intimate partners, or even the members of the next group you're facilitating who must engage in effective partnerships to work well as a team.

Layne and Paul will cohost our next Micro-Skills Tele-Seminar on Wednesday, July 14th
at 1:00 PM EDT. In this one hour teleclass, Paul and Layne will discuss with us "Why You're Never Upset for the Reason You Think, and What It's Costing You to Not Know the Real Cause." They'll talk about their unique conflict resolution model they call the "CURE" and

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Feature Article: Are Your Partnerships Shipshape?

Why You're Never Upset for the Reason You Think: Our next one-hour tele-seminar with Layne and Paul Cutright happens Wednesday, July 14th at 1:00 PM EDT.

Resource: You're Never Upset for the Reason You Think - The Cure for the Common Upset, by Layne and Paul Cutright.

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Relating Process Skill
Are Your Partnerships Shipshape?
Effective partnerships need ongoing maintenance.
The Point

Partnerships are in many ways like real, seagoing ships. Just like a sailing vessel needs regular, constant care and upkeep, your partnerships need regular care and upkeep. The crew of a sailing ship is knowledgeable in the standard practices of seamanship, which is absolutely required to maintain a ship's seaworthiness. Unfortunately, most people are not knowledgeable in the standard practices of maintaining their partner-ships.

Yet, most people in partnerships of any kind are usually focused on the goals of the partnership, whether building a life or a business or a community center. There is very little attention paid to the partner-ship itself. And often, somewhere along the voyage of life, the partner-ship is unable to withstand the inevitable and predictable storms of life that can damage both the partners and the partner-ship. Maintaining a strong, stable, satisfying partner-ship requires knowledge and skill - neither of which is commonly taught in our culture.

Enlightened partnerships are distinguished both by the shared vision that guides the partnership as well as the standard practices of its partners. Enlightened partnerships are created and maintained through specific standard practices. Unfortunately, these practices are uncommon in a popular culture gripped by fear and ignorance. But, through the commitment to learn and use these practices, the partners and the partnership are elevated to new heights that uplift and evolve the soul.


The Top Ten Practices of Enlightened Partners

The following Top Ten Practices of Enlightened Partners will help you in building and maintaining strong, durable and enlightened partnerships.

1. Write down the purpose and desired results for your partnership. A partnership without a stated purpose and intended results is like a ship setting sail without a chart or plotted course. The purpose should be stated in a way that lifts the spirit of all partners.

2. Make choices grounded in love rather than fear. Become aware of your automatic reactions that are based in fear and look for the love choice instead. Ask yourself, what would love do or say in this situation?

3. Mutually agree upon strategies for dealing with predictable breakdowns, i.e., miscommunications, upsets or disagreements and use them when needed. It is important to have these strategies in place before the breakdowns occur. It is difficult, if not impossible, to create and implement them in the middle of a breakdown.

4. Commit to win/win outcomes; don't settle for anyone being the loser. For the partnership to win, all partners need to win. If anyone in the partnership loses, the entire partnership loses. Keep asking questions that lead you to the win/win outcome.

5. Communicate honestly from the heart and practice high performance listening. People respond positively to the expression of heart-felt truth because it builds trust, even if they don't agree with it. High performance listening is listening without judgment for the concerns of the other person that may be hidden behind their words.

6. Assume personal responsibility for your emotional reality and refrain from blame. Blame and projection will pollute the emotional climate of a partnership faster than anything.

7. Take the initiative for the satisfaction of your own needs and wants and make clear requests of others that inspire their cooperation. Don't wait for people to guess what will make you happy. Nobody likes to endure demands or covert manipulation.

8. Share power rather than struggle for it. Let go of the need to be right all the time. Value others ideas and perceptions as being as valid as your own. Heal your unresolved power/authority issues from the past.

9. See problems as opportunities. Every problem contains the gift of spiritual development within it. Learn to unwrap the package.

10. Nurture a conscious relationship with your Soul. The more spiritually attuned you are, the more enlightened you and your partnerships will be.

©2004 Paul and Layne Cutright – Permission is granted to publish this article as long as it is published in its entirety and includes attribution and the paragraph below.

About the Authors.Paul and Layne Cutright are marriage and business partners who have been teaching principles and practices for successful relationships since 1976. They are the founders of The Center for Enlightened Partnership, an online learning and resource center providing e-learning products and teleclasses. They are authors of You're Never Upset for the Reason You Think and they publish a free monthly e-zine filled with inspiration and practical tools for your relationships.


Which step in the top ten list below will you apply to your partnership this week? Please
email us your questions and comments.

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What do we mean by "upset"? An upset is any feeling that disturbs your peace of mind, throws you off center, causes you to feel ill at ease, uncomfortable or troubled, makes you feel out of control, frustrated, fearful, anxious, sad, hurt, helpless, angry, disappointed and so on.

Perhaps you can recall a time when you felt a:

  • Gnawing insecurity about your future, perhaps when you thought you might lose your job - or actually did lose it.
  • Stab of pain when someone you admire criticized you.
  • Sting of embarrassment when you made a mistake in front of others.
  • Heavy weight of despair in your chest as you tried to recover from a loss or rejection.
  • Sinking disappointment when someone you love let you down.
  • Numbing silence at some unexpected bad news.

Are any of these experiences familiar to you? Do you remember feeling a loss of power or peace in those situations?

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What does the title "You're Never Upset for the Reason You Think" mean, exactly?
You talk about "radical personal responsibility" in your book, what do you mean by this?
Your book teaches the Conscious Upset Resolution Exercise (CURE) what is that?
How is the CURE different from other systems of conflict resolution?
Tell us about the two steps in the CURE and why they're important.
You talk about using conflict as a reminder that we have an opportunity to learn something. How does that work?
How can we use the CURE to resolve non-relationship conflicts or upsets.
What new possibilities open up for our relationships, our communities and our society when we are able to resolve our conflicts with the CURE?
And, answers to any questions you bring to the teleclass.

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About Layne and Paul.
Layne and Paul have created a powerful, creative partnership as both marriage and business partners. They have taught all over the world in conference rooms, boardrooms and living rooms. They have created, produced and led evolutionary and transformational programs for people who want to have lasting, successful relationships.They have an Internet learning and resource center called The Center for Enlightened Partnership where they offer programs online and by telephone worldwide. Paul and Layne are authors of Straight From the Heart, a popular book about “high performance communication”, as well as their latest book about enlightened conflict resolution entitled, You're Never Upset for the Reason You Think. They have a private coaching practice in which they work with individuals, romantic couples, business partners and creative teams.

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You're Never Upset for the Reason You Think - The Cure for the Common Upset, by Layne and Paul Cutright

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This book will show you exactly how you can uncover the real cause of any problem or upset, stop the pain and halt the slide toward more upset and disappointment, every single time. It will reveal to you the newest and most powerful conflict resolution tool ever created - and the last you will ever need, called the Conscious Upset Resolution Exercise (CURE). The CURE is our simple, easy to learn, step-by-step proprietary method to neutralize, clarify, and resolve any upset you may encounter . . . with lovers, business partners, co-workers, family members, children and any other relationship that is important to you . . . even with unsettling news you see on the television or experiences you have in life . . . absolutely anything at all that upsets you in any way.

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