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This week's article, "
The Second-Tier Leader: Leadership tactics from Spiral Dynamics," shares a brief personal story about my discovery of Spiral Dynamics and some simple leadership tactics anyone can employ to open the evolutionary path up the spiral.

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Feature Article: The Second-Tier Leader: Leadership tactics from Spiral Dynamics

Field Training--Shedding light on consciousness as cause: Our next one-hour tele-seminar with Philip Golabuk happens Wednesday, June 30th at 1:00 PM EDT.

Resource: Field Center Course CD, by Philip Golabuk.

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Group Process Skill
The Second-Tier Leader
Leadership Tactics from Spiral Dynamics
The Point

Winding up the Spiral

As early as 18 months ago, I often found myself judging and condemning the “isms” that seem to have grown in fervor in recent years, e.g., fundamentalism, patriotism, liberalism, conservatism, materialism, capitalism, activism, etc. Though hearing and understanding the grains of truth in each, I felt their views too restrictive or incomplete to adhere to in times like these. I would often find myself getting outright angry at some of these viewpoints.

At times, I felt simultaneously attracted to and repulsed by the capitalistic materialism of our culture. While needing to function in it to survive financially, I was consistently frustrated by it, often rebelling against it in my own quiet, self-destructive way.

Most of the time I embraced much of what could be called an "egalitarian" point of view; one where cooperation, collaboration, consensus, and concern for everyone's needs and opinions was the way things ought to be. Still, I grew restless with a sense that this approach wasn’t always the way to go. I felt drawn to some other way of seeing things that no one, or very few were articulating. In the field of this strange perspective, I vacillated between the egalitarian and capitalistic points of view in a frustrated dance of attraction and revulsion.

What's going on here?

In March of last year, I came across a model called "Spiral Dynamics" that opened up a whole new world of understanding for me. It showed me that the three world views I was looking at above were actually part of a well-articulated model of world views that unfold in an evolutionary way. This model comprised of eight Value Memes, showed me that the Blue (traditional), Orange (capitalistic), and Green (Egalitarian) memes encompassed the three distinct Psycho-Social world views held by the vast majority of the Western World. And further, that I was on the brink of a transition into what is known as the "Second-Tier" Memes, the Yellow and Turquoise Memes.

Further research got me excited about how the understanding and application of this model might help groups, leaders, and individuals who are ready to step into the next level of possibility for themselves and the human family at large. I eagerly suspected that change agents, facilitators, coaches, and group workers such as yourselves would find this model as enlightening and potentially useful as I do.


Keys to Facilitating Through the Spiral

One cannot detect the operating Meme in a person simply by observing behavior—what someone does. Only recognizing why a person is doing or saying certain things will help you decide the Meme from which they're operating.

For example, the war in Vietnam violated universal human rights, and therefore, as a moral being, many said, “I refuse to fight in that war.” But test proved unequivocally that only a minority, less than 20%, were acting from post conventional moral principles, the large majority of students were acting from preconventional egocentric drives: “Nobody tells me what to do!” So take this war and shove it.”

Even with little or no knowledge of Spiral Dynamics, the following key leadership principles will always be useful to facilitating movement toward second tier. They are Politeness, Openness, and Autocracy (POA). POA generate positive or at least neutral responses from all bands of the Spiral. They are not “traits” of leaders alone because everyone can apply them.

Politeness. Politeness is a response to others’ needs on their terms, not one’s own. The Polite leader respects cultural differences and strikes a good balance between interest in the lives of others and their right to personal autonomy, privacy, and freedom. The leader is concerned without being noisy or intrusive.

Openness. Openness relates directly to the trust in a group. Openness fosters a climate that gives permission for others, as individuals or groups, to be communicative and straightforward. Leaders and organizations model what they ask others to do. They are open and honest about what’s going on inside the organization. This does not mean everything is an open book; but when confidentiality and security are important, the need is explained up front. Appropriate privacy is as much a part of Open arrangements as disclosure.

Autocracy. Someone in charge is essential when lower order Memes are active and quite important to Orange. Autocracy, though often considered a negative term, in Spiral Dynamics it simply means taking charge, accepting responsibility, and knowing where the buck stops and being willing to put one’s self on the line. The leader with healthy Autocracy does not become a tyrant. Rather, he or she, or even they (autocracy can be collective) act like Spiral Wizards to determine the appropriate decision system for the situation, people, expected outcomes, and then implement them quickly. When accompanied by Politeness and Openness, the tug of autocracy and control sends more positive than negative messages and fear leaves the equation. Some firm autocracy actually feels good because there is a baseline, things are happening, and there is clear direction.


Check out the mini-course on Spiral Dynamics here or check out our intro class below to learn more about the Spiral and how to use it in your work. Please
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Facilitation Expert Series

Facilitation Micro-Skills Tele-Seminar: "Field Training:
Shedding light on consciousness as cause
. Featuring Philip Golabuk
, Author, Trainer and founder of the Field Center and creator of Field Training.

Attend this one-hour tele-seminar on Wednesday, June 30th at 1:00 PM EDT (NY Time) with Philip Golabuk and Steve Davis

"Just in Time" Learning

Field Center founder Philip Golabuk, suggests that as self-aware beings, we're not just some blind accident of evolution, thrown here to struggle and die. We can learn to align ourselves with the source of Consciousness and its brilliant efficiency, boundless resources, and ingenious organizing intelligence. This intelligence turns the planets, directs the seasons and the tides, and sustains each wave and particle in the Creation, everywhere, all at once, effortlessly. Why should we find it so hard to believe that this intelligence could be relied upon to bring us the fulfillment of perfect work, prosperity, a return to health, a wonderful partner, or whatever else it's been given to us to desire?

Join Philp Golabuk
and Steve Davis on Wednesday, June 30th at 1:00 PM EDT (NY Time) for a one-hour teleclass where we'll explore how a better reality is always available to us. Willingness, being still, receptive imagination, love for the ideal—these are the hidden keys to the next better version of self and world. We'll also look at how we can become facilitators of this wonderfully elegant approach to being. Some of the points we'll discuss are...

What is Field training?
Why did you put together a curriculum about how consciousness creates reality? Isn't there a lot of stuff out there already on that, in the so called New Age literature? How is Field training
I understand that Field Training draws from a number of sources. What are these?
Say a little about the basic Field training ideas of "Particle," "Field," "correspondence," and "intention."
Is Field training therapeutic? Religious?
Can a person use Field training to change conditions in his or her life, like, say Wayne Dyer teaches in his latest work, "The Power of Intention?"
If you can't use Field training to change conditions in your life, what can you do with it?
What's easy about Field training, and what's hard about it?
How would one go about becoming a Certified Field Training Facilitator (CFTF)?
And, answers to any questions you bring to the teleclass.

Two Free Bonuses!

1. Conscious Creating and Subjective Time. Transcript of a Field Center Talk by Philip Golabuk exploring the relationship of our inner creations to time.

2. Deliberate Creating, Gratitude and Abundance. Transcript of a teleclass by Philip Golabuk exploring the gifts of conscious creation.

About Philip.
Philip Golabuk holds a B.A. and M.A. in philosophy from the University of Florida with special studies in metaphysics, theory of knowledge, philosophy of religion, and phenomenology under James Millikan and renowned somatics pioneer and author, the late Tom Hanna. Internationally published author; titles include Mending the Broken Heart; The Sunset Grill Chronicles; Walls, Windows, and Doorways. Directed the Writers Room after Sloan Wilson (The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, et al., from 1990-1995. Ten years teaching college courses in philosophy, humanities, and writing. Internationally and nationally recognized educational writer and graphic designer. Founder of the Field Center and creator of the Field Center curriculum and other programs. For more information about the Field Center and Philip, go to

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Spiral Dynamics : Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change (Developmental Management), by Don Edward Beck, Christopher C. Cowan

Spiral Dynamics draws extensively upon over 40 years of research by Beck, Cowan, and their mentor Clare W. Graves. The original research data includes over 500,000 interviews conducted over five continents, and is comparable to other "biopsychosocial systems development" research conducted by Jane Loevinger, Stanley Milgram, Laurence Kohlberg, Erik Erikson etc.

What makes Graves unique however is that he created a dynamic model of human consciousness evolution which can assimilate other models and worldviews. He also recognized that insights from Cognitive Psychology, Genetics, and Neurophysiology would need to be examined. Fans of Neuro Linguistic Programming, General Systems Theory, Memetics and the Human Potential Movement will find a wealth of material, plus reading resources for further specialized research.

SD has been applied to resolve racial tension in South Africa, in education systems and government, by the World Future Society State of the World Forum, Arlington Institute, and Integral Institute, and by major companies such as Nedbank and SouthWest Airlines. -- Alex Burns, Melbourne, Australia.

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