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This week, we present some light and simple strategies for giving better presentations written by
Bob DiPasquale. His article, "My Top Ten Presentation Basics," combines a healthy dose of humor with practical advice.

I'm excited to invite you to a pre-recorded tele-seminar with
Susan Wilson:."Present, But Not Accounted For. During this one hour interview, we talk about some of the most challenging aspects of facilitating groups, such as managing commitment, dealing with difficult people and situations, and optimizing participation. Please see details below.

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Group Awareness and Management Skill
My Top Ten Presentation Basics
The Point

My name is Bob, and I won Survivor when I was three. I also won Survivor All Star when I was eleven, but that's not all I want to talk to you about today. I want to talk to you about my top ten presentation basics, and what I think are some real fundamental requirements for a successful presentation.

It starts before the meeting with a couple of key preparations....

Number 1 - Don't keep your presentation with the weapons of mass destruction. Stay organized, and make sure itís all together with backups a phone call away.

Number 2 - Have your friends and family standing by to fill empty chairs, either that or double check that everything's right about your room including the room size. Empty seats can make your audience feel like synchronized bowling fans.

Moving along, let's get to introduction time...

Number 3 - If your middle name is Edmund, you don't have one. Better yet, for purposes of introductions, change your middle name to Zippy. Listeners will become hopeful that you'll at least be quick. Do what you can to try to make your intro fun.

Number 4 - Kick someone on your way to the stage. The screaming will distract the audience's attention from you, and allow you to make a stealth approach to the podium. Alright, maybe you're better off making a good first impression with an anxious walk, a smile, and a handshake.

It's time to speak....

Number 5 - Start by mentioning that you've lost 180 pounds in the last 10 months. Humor doesn't have to be true, and is a great way to increase the attention and energy of your audience.

Number 6 Ė These are not the people you called up when you were young and told them you had Prince Albert in a can. Itís OK to look these people in the eye, and thatís exactly what you should do.

Number 7 Ė Donít use a laser pointer at a Secret Service Convention. Those red dots make those guys nervous. What I mean is, know your audience, and stay away from what makes them uneasy if you can.

Number 8 Ė If someone asks you a question, and you donít know the answer, just use the word Hindu somewhere in your comeback. That word throws almost anyone off. Either that or be prepared for what youíre expected to be expert on, and gracious with an unhelpful response outside your expertise.

Number 9 Ė Your humor should be like a produce department in a grocery store. Fresh, vast, and tasteful.

Number 10 Ė As a courtesy to the next speaker, wake everyone before you close. Thatís right, deliver your point. Make it, and shake Ďem up.

Every story has a serious side. When I was three, I lost my Dad to heart disease, when I was eleven, I lost my Mom to liver cancer. Iím an All Star Survivor, because I learned a lot before I was 12. Keep the goal in sight, bring yourself and everyone around you along with humor, and finish strong.

About the Author. Bob DiPasquale is President of, a contributing member of Toastmasters Club 4899, and the author of several humorous literary works.

Reprinted with Permission from


Pick a tip above and try it out this week in one of your future presentations or group meetings. Please
email us to tell us how it worked for you.
Facilitation Expert Series

Facilitation Micro-Skills Tele-Seminar: "Present, But Not Accounted For," featuring Susan Wilson, Facilitator, Speaker, Author and Founder of Executive Strategies, Inc.

Listen to this one-hour tele-seminar with Susan Wilson and Steve Davis and learn. Some of the points we discuss are...

How do you deal with the participant who have all the answers?
How do you handle participants who continue side conversations and disrupt the flow?
How do you deal with group members who don't believe in the team process, but who remain on the team?
How do you shift a group who's settled for the status quo and just tell you, "Well that's just the way things are," or "That's just the way he is"?
How do you handle group members who sabotage the good work done by others through bad mouthing and other negative behaviors?
What do you do with team members who don't prepare before meetings?
How do you assure that participants take away something of value from each meeting?
How do you handle participants with personal and/or political agendas who have no intention of shifting their ground for the greater good of the group?
And, answers to any questions you bring to the teleclass.

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4. Icebreakers. Three nice icebreakers exercises with a dozen or so variations that can be used to start a variety of meetings.

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Wake 'Em Up! : How to Use Humor & Other Professional Techniques to Create Alarmingly Good Business Presentations, by Thomas Antion

This book will not help you tell jokes. It describes how to make your presentations more entertaining. Tom Antion's secrets on room setup and how to open a speech are worth more than the price of the book. Whether you are speaking to a large group or to a small sales meeting, the tips in this book will help you get your point across.

Tom Antion is a marketing genius who teaches speakers how to speak and how to sell themselves. A gifted professional speaker, he shares his years of experience in these pages.

As a professional speaker and the author of 113 books (including revisions and foreign-language editions) and over 500 magazine articles, I highly recommend this book to anyone who has to get their point across to groups. -- Dan Poynter from Santa Barbara, CA.

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How the 5-Day Format/Training works...

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4. During the week, you may access the instructor via email for help or situational questions.

Training Agenda...

Here's what you'll be learning and doing during this course...

Exploring the Landscape of Learning

- What is "Learning?" Who Learns? Who teaches?
- Review distinctions between Teaching, Training, Mentoring, Coaching, and Facilitating
- The Content/Process Paradox

Changing the Paradigm
- Shift from Director to Guide
- "Ability to do" vs. Info delivery
- Shifts for students and for teachers
- Relating to shifts in worldviews
- From curriculum development to needs assessment

Becoming a Learning Facilitator
- Characteristics
- Core Values
- Inner Shifts Required
- Methods
- Tools and Tactics

Learning Models
- Temperaments
- VAK Attack
- Learning Cycle
- Multiple Intelligences
- Habit Model
- Brain-Based Learning
- Communities of Practice
- KOLB Learning Cycle
- Instructional Events
- The Art of the Question
- Open Space Technology

Benefits from participating in the training...

- Enhance your love of teaching and training
- Learn new ways to get your students excited about learning.
- Review 7+ different models of teaching and learning.
- Learn to package your material in a way that better relates to your students.
- Learn to connect with your students in a way that's rewarding for you both
- Become a better listener and communicator.
- Release the burden of trying to "make" learning happen in your classroom.
- Collaborate and learn from your peers, who are all passionate about empowering groups.


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