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Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0131 | December 16, 2003 | 9,000 Subscribers

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picture of Steve Davis, editor of the Master Facilitator Journal.From the Publisher: 

Dear friends,

As we move into the close of yet another year, it seems appropriate to talk about how we bring our groups to a close as facilitators. So this week we'll talk about "Closers." The purpose, value, and elements of processes to bring our groups to a healthy conclusion.

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Have a great week!
Steve Davis


Relating Skill

Seek Complete Closure
Know how to gracefully bring your groups to completion.

The Point

As facilitators and group leaders, we know the importance of starting a group out on the right foot. We clarify objectives, develop ground rules, set the tone and the mood for the work to follow, etc. This is all very important stuff. But effectively closing a group is often just as important.

The work is done, let's move on...

Why bother you ask? Certainly there's no need to dally when your work is complete, but sometimes great pieces of work come at the last minute, providing there's a space created to capture it. Also, loose ends left hanging, particularly those of the interpersonal variety, may be carried over to work done in future groups. Let's have a look at some benefits of effective group closure:

Group closure offers an opportunity to:

  • Check that desired outcomes have been achieved.
  • Assure that all actions have been taken that need to be taken.
  • See that all the learning from the group has been voiced or documented.
  • Handle any unfinished business between individuals.
  • Assure that everyone is complete and freed up to move on to the next project.
  • To acknowledge a job well done and the importance of the relationships that enabled success.

We've included a short "Closing Ritual" below that you may use or adapt to fit your group's needs.


Closing Ritual

Use rituals such as this when closing groups that has been meeting long enough to have completed major projects. Length and depth of rituals will vary depending on depth and breadth of connections and accomplishments of the group. Use your own judgment with regard to scope of closing ritual.

Here's an example ritual that will help your group tie up loose ends and come to completion.
You'll probably need to program about five minutes per person to do a complete job with this process. Make sure to watch for body language and other cues that indicate unfinished business that should be addressed.

Ask each person in turn the following questions:

" What do you need to say to complete your involvement in this group?"

Or, "What do you need to say to be complete?"

Releasing Baggage

"Is there anything else? Any thoughts, feelings, unmet expectations, requests, promises, acknowledgments?" (Make any suggestions you deem appropriate.)

"If there is anything that you might say to someone after the group is over, I request you say it now."


"Are there any acknowledgments that anyone would like to make of themselves or others?"

The only response required from those acknowledged is a simple "Thank you."


What kinds of rituals and processes do you use to close your groups? Are there any adjustments you'd like to make around group closure? We'd love to hear your perspective and processes around group closure. Please email us your comments.

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