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The Master Facilitator Journal | Issue #0100 | May 13, 2003
7,200 Subscribers

picture of Steve Davis, editor of the Master Facilitator Journal.

From the Publisher: 

Hello MFJ Readers. 

This is a special day for the Master Facilitator Journal. This issue marks our two-year anniversary and the 100th issue of this ezine! It's been quite a journey, I must tell you. So I thought it appropriate to reflect on our accomplishments over that past two years as a way to acknowledge our efforts, to have a look at how far we've come, to highlight for you the milestones of our work, and to look at our plans for the future.

As always we conduct this exercise not simply to show off our wares, but as an example of an exercise you might wish to facilitate, for not only the groups you work with, but also to acknowledge your own individual accomplishments.

To further our work with this journal and with, now in development, we've included a short online survey under the "Reader Survey" section below the article. It's a multiple choice survey that can be completed in just a couple of minutes. We ask that you please fill this out so that we better understand and meet your needs in the future.

Finally, I want give thanks to you, my devoted readers for your continued support. Your many emails, phone calls, thoughtful feedback, encouragement, ideas, and accolades, provided the much needed energy forge ahead, without which we would not have made it this far. As a special thank you, for the next week, we are running a 100th Issue Anniversary Sale. See detail at the bottom of this issue.


Steve Davis



Review Your Personal History
Taking time to acknowledge your work can yield a sense of renewal and renewed perspective.

The Point

Sometimes it's easy to get bogged down on the path of your day to day business. When frustrated by things not always going as fast or as easy as we wish they would, we can sometimes forget the progress we have made. It can be very rewarding and renewing to occasionally take a little time to review the history of your work on a particular project, as a team, or on those certain occasions that represent milestones in your work, i.e. the year's end, the end of a project or significant accomplishment, anniversary dates, etc.

As an example, I will reflect on our accomplishments over that past two years of this journal using a timeline format to chronicle our progress. You might wish to facilitate a similar exercise, for not only the groups you work with, but also to acknowledge your own individual accomplishments.
May, 2001: Launched Master Facilitator Journal with Issue #0001
Sept, 2001: Published first e-book, "How Do I Stop Spam?"
Dec, 2002 Published second e-book, "Responsible Email Marketing."
Sept, 2002: Launched Conscious Marketing Solutions: Affiliate Directory for the Personal Growth Industry
October, 2002: Developed Portable Article Bank for Facilitators.

November, 2002: Released "Magic Meeting Mug," for meeting facilitators.
November, 2002: Developed Random Acts of Facilitation Program.
December, 2002: Began offering comprehensive website hosting services.
January, 2003: Completed the Authentic Marketer Program and Workbook.
January, 2003: Announced preliminary launch of
April, 2003: Announced offer of Internet and e.commerce coaching and consulting for personal growth professionals.
April, 2003: Launch Ad-Free, PDF version of MFJ.
April, 2003: Launch e-coaching success program (esp).
May, 2003: 100th issue and two-year anniversary of the Master Facilitator Journal with 7,200 subscribers.


Perform a review of your own accomplishments over the past year or so. What insights did you receive out of this exercise? I'd love to hear what shows up for you. Please email us your comments.

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About the Publisher
Steve Davis is a Facilitator's Coach helping leaders enhance their effectiveness through the application and perspective of facilitation. Please email or call me at 805-489-4130 to schedule a Free exploratory session, or to share your suggestions and ideas for the journal. I'd love to hear from you. If you find this newsletter helpful, please forward it to your friends. Thanks for reading!

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Thank you for reading this issue of the Master Facilitator Journal. Look for your next issue on May 20, 2003.


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