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Master Facilitator Journal | November 14, 2017
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Dear Friends,

I started this newsletter in May of 2001 which I faithfully published on a weekly basis for over ten years. During a two to three year period beginning in 2009, as I attempted to integrate the effects of an intense, long-term retreat I had participated in the previous year, my regular publishing gradually faded and ceased. I won't go into why this happened as I'm not sure I have a good answer. But a long period of germination ensued with far less interest in doing and a greater desire to be with myself and to connect with people in live, 3D engagements.

In a world that invites increasing isolation and suspicion, I focused on facilitating the creation of transformative spaces and experiences. Experiences that help people recover a sense of themselves, their hearts, and their souls. Interlaced with this movement of personal restoration we developed a blueprint of tools and perspectives to make sense of and better navigate the world around us...akin to life-support apparatus on a not-so-friendly planet. In other words, I've been embracing a larger view of what is normally thought of as facilitation.

Amazing Spaces. This transformative work includes the ongoing evolution of the Journey of Facilitation & Collaboration leadership experience. Here we teach a unique model and approach we developed called Integral Facilitation and 20 facilitation archetypes or competencies. Participants continue to leave the experience transformed in their views and behaviors as leaders, facilitators, and as humans.

Read the article below, Can Facilitators Claim a Higher Purpose, to learn more about this journey and perhaps discover or reinforce perspectives that are arising in you.

We hope our work continues to bring inspiration to your world. Thank you for being a part of our growing community. Please continue to send the wonderful feedback.


Steve Davis


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The Point

Can Facilitators Claim a Higher Purpose?

Integral Leaders transcend and include neutrality.

Group Dynamics Skill

History has shown that groups of humans don't necessarily rise to their highest potential in the presence of the complex environmental, social, cultural, and personal dynamics at play. In the presence of these challenges, facilitation has evolved to become a wonderful tool to help groups navigate the complex task of getting things done together. In the past, one of the facilitator's core values was that of neutrality, or more accurately, impartiality.

Yet with the accelerating speed of change and painful upheavals emerging on all levels from local to global, we must wonder whether this stance is enough. The question that arises often for me is: In a leadership vacuum that seems so vast, is there a more powerful stance, a more potent path we facilitators can take?

integral facilitationIn my advancing years in a culture obsessed with finding answers, I've discovered that questions are far more powerful!
Living into the above question, the following discoveries have emerged:

  • It Helps to Have a Map. We're living in a very rare time when an actual Map exists that provides context for everything. A Theory of Everything if you will, called the Integral Model. I can't tell you how much this has changed my life. Again, the map is not the answer but having a map that can embrace the entire terrain of life experience, both subjective and objective, collective and personal is profoundly wonderful and makes the journey so much easier to navigate!

  • Change Starts & Ends with Me. Rather than focus on how much I'm unable to change the larger paradigm, when I focus on the integrity and alignment of my own actions, the paradigm in my purview is changed. "The world" exists in the human mind and the human mind is the hardest thing to change. Change your mind and you have indeed changed the world.

  • Embracing my Humanity is a Gift. When I view myself as an instrument of Divine Intelligence rather than an expert who will solve your problems, it becomes OK to make mistakes and it becomes OK not to know what to do next. This makes space inside for magic to makes space for the needs of the whole to bring guidance to the whole.

  • It's Rational to Believe in Magic. The religion of Science has blinded us to the miracle of life and consciousness. There will never be evidence for magic. That does not mean that it doesn't exist. This only means that it cannot be found in the Eye of the Mind (Science). It can only be experienced through an innocent childlike heart. That heart still beats in you! Take a stance of wonder in your groups and you will see what I mean.

  • I live in a Simulation. Every experience I have every moment of the day occurs inside a mind that never, ever will be in direct contact with the outside world. All experience is mediated through layers of perceptual filters and mental processes. This is great news as I've discovered that I can intentionally alter my filters...and my experience changes!

  • Love Is. I've learned that love is not a thing, a commodity, a limited resource. If I can describe love at all, I'd say that it is a process. Facilitators love process don't we? Actually, I've discovered that our basic nature is the Love Process when all else is surrendered. When my ideas of who I am and who I think you are, are released, even for an instant, Love is all there is and it cannot, need not be described any further! And it includes all of the above movements in its dance.

More to come...


I hope you enjoyed this unusual post. Please Add Your Comments to share your reactions, reflections, thoughts, stories, and experiences. I'd love to hear from you!
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I have never felt more professionally accepted, encouraged and cared for in my 20 + years of work experience. THANK YOU Darin, Steve and Harry!

This was transformational – both at a personal and a professional level. This workshop gave me a new toolkit, one of which I draw upon in my personal and professional life. This week was one of the most impactful weeks I’ve had in my professional career.

I have been recommending this course to everyone I know. I feel like I went to a retreat, and it has truly improved my facilitator skills.

It feels really impossible to identify anything that didn’t work or could have worked much better. I’m hyper-aware of how workshops are planned and carried out, and this had to be the best example I’ve ever seen.

Attending this course helped me to understand the importance of facilitation skills in everything that I do from leadership, to supervision, to participation. I have thought about things I learned every day since.

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