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The Master Facilitator Journal now has more than 8,000 subscribers. We are excited about the great response we have received from our viewers on this Web site and our weekly newsletter and are pleased to offer a limited amount of advertising space. There are several options for potential advertisers to choose from that are described below. You can also view examples of ads placed in previous issues by viewing our archives.

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In the Spotlight

High Impact Communications
Become One of the New Communicators
by Bert Decker 
Price: $59.95, Six Audiocassettes


There’s a breed of leaders among us. People whose great achievements seem almost predestined. And their personal power isn’t necessarily due to knowledge, intelligence, hard work or expertise.

They get ahead because they connect.

The new leaders are communicators. Men and women who can get their messages across effectively, powerfully, persuasively and memorably. They know that magnetism is just another word for confidence. And that charisma is something to be learned and used for achievement and wealth.

Public speaking expert Bert Decker is on the cutting edge of interpersonal communications. And High Impact Communications is his report from the front.

Using real-life examples of the “New Communicators” (such as Norman Schwarzkopf, Jane Pauley, Lee Iacocca) in action, Bert Decker takes you step by step through the process of how they do it. And how you can strengthen your audience appeal.

Today’s New Communicators understand that people buy on emotion and justify with fact. That silent messages are as effective as spoken ones. And that charisma isn’t something you’re born with, it’s something you must practice.

Bert Decker explains that there are actually two parts of the brain involved in the speaking/listening process – the New Brain, the rational cerebral cortex, and the First Brain, the non-rational, emotional gatekeeper through which all information must pass in order to reach the “thinking” New Brain.

Communicating with the First Brain is the overlooked key to making lasting personal contact with whatever audience you address, be it one person or a room full of people. It is the listener’s First Brain, in fact, that makes the decision whether or not to trust or believe a speaker.

Along the way, you’ll learn:

• breakthrough techniques for reaching your listener’s First Brain
• 4 principles of visualization
• 6 voice-strengthening exercises
• the function and importance of “grokking”
• why you can’t let comfort be your guide
• the vital function humor plays in the communications process
• how to make eye contact, posture and gestures work for you
• how to utilize the awesome power of video cybernetics

You can quickly become a master of all of this – and more. By listening to and practicing the techniques in High Impact Communication, the persuasive force of the New Communicators can be yours.

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