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We are a team of humble radicals seeding the empowerment of disenfranchised working adults, educators, corporate managers, and would-be activists. Though our initial journey together was undertaken upon the grounds of a California Community College, our lessons transcend the bounds of time and space. They are lessons of the heart and soul; hence their fruits will nurture people at any level, in all places, at any age. If this sounds presumptuous, understand that we have no answers. We are merely "learning guides" and "life coaches" that will support your highest aspirations.

We believe that most problems encountered in society, in government, in classrooms, in corporations, in businesses, in families, and between nations, are the result of people selling themselves short. Armed with effective facilitation, coaching, and leadership tools, you will become a catalyst for unparalleled results.

I'm Steve Davis. My team and I have worked in business, industry, government, and education, and we know what you're going through. If you want to know specifically what I've done check out my short bio here. Though this ezine is my own personal project, I am part of a group of associates called Mastery Unlimited. We provide life coaching, consulting, and training to educational and business organizations. If you are interested in the offerings of Mastery Unlimited, please email me.

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